"Playback" timeline - indicator

One of the things I feel like is missing is: a motion indicator on the Playback timeline. Even without zooming in on the timeline itself, I’d like to see a little bright dot or line or whatever that indicates at THIS moment in the timeline, something (whatever it is, a leaf, a car, a hoodie wearin’ Slurpee drinker)…moved. The controls aren’t quite fine enough on a smartphone screen to be able to skip seconds to find something, without skipping right on by the motion.

In that same area, I’d like to see a double or triple time button I could hold down to speed through the timeline only just slightly faster than realtime. [Maybe even have a pop-up bubble with the time. No matter where I put my finger on the screen to skip through the timeline at say doubletime, a pop-up appears maybe to the left of my finger with the time in seconds so I can get another indicator of where in time the motion occurred.]

Lastly, I’d like a microphone on the back of the camera so I can do my verbal “enhance photo” command and have that you know improve the quality, scan all known facial recognition databases and …oh, hang on, that’s not a thing. :wink:




Agreed on the ability to move the timeline with a bit more finesse and time granularity on playback. It’s a bit cumbersome when trying to find the exact time and not skipping over it time and time again. :wink:

I like the idea of the timeline being marked in some way as to where there is motion detected. If this can be done then it would also be nice to have the option of just playing those sections where there is motion and skipping over where there is no motion. Also if it would be possible to speed up playback by x3, x5, or x10 that would also be a plus. Currently if you wanted to check a period of several hours, it would take that many hours to review the recording. Not very likely anyone would do that unless it involves something that is extremely important to find on the timeline.

I really like this!

Now we just gotta vote it into existence :wink:

Sounds like a good suggestion

I have this feature on a few other models, but it came with the premium price tag (Although a software update could add this function). Im pretty sure the current WYZECAM has been future proofed for atleast 2 - 3 years, So I would assume the feature will eventually emerge.

I’d also like to see, in addition to faster playback options, the ability to jump forwards (or back) to the start of the next (or last) recorded clip (for ‘record on event.’) That would make it easy to jump forwards to the next recording without trying to scroll to it which I find is a bit cumbersome.


I was just looking through the forums to see if there was a way to do this. A method to at least type in the exact time I want to look at, or to tap on one of the 12sec notification clips and have an option to continue the playback. Most of my time in the app is spent trying to find the exact second something happened and then record the full length of it instead of only having the 12 sec clip of it…

Fast forward with 2x or more speed… marking where there was movement or an alert… making it easier to find the point I want would be awesome.

Yep, it’s unweildy, at best.

That sounds as a really good and useful feature.

Can the Playback timeline clearly show instances in which the device has been briefly disconnected as well as when the WiFi drops out? It currently shows this as continuous recording.

When the WiFi drops out but the camera is powered on, it will continue recording on he SD card, but you will not be able to connect or see the playback until the WiFi comes back.

if you disconnect the power source, you will obviously not be able to continue recording. You will see a different color con the playback rule at the bottom of the playback video.

When the device is disconnected for a brief interval or the WiFi drops out, the timeline color codes it as mint green, as continuous recording. Only by looking at the time stamp can one observe the lapse in time. I’d like to clearly visualize any disruption in recording or notifications, however brief. Hence the request.

My MiHome camera has this motion detection indicator on the timeline along with 3 playback speed. I really want to see these add into wyze and it will be perfect.

Agreed. Variable playback speed will be very useful when you try to find something strange on the whole playback when you don’t have motion detection active.

<p style=“text-align: center;”>How are we doing on this?</p>

A couple of related items it seems here

  1. on time line show events (pretty basic on many security even cheap systems)
  2. a way to select them (even if events were listed in a tablar form below or when you click the time bar
  3. a color indicator when wifi was disconnected, power was removed, or you have viewed the video or even.
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Agreed. This is a feature in IC See that should also be available in Wyze.

I agree. I’ve been wanting finer scrubbing controls and playback with clearer activity indications on the timeline since day one.