Playback: Double-tap to skip forward/backward

Suggestion: In Playback, please add an option to allow users to double-tap the left or right of the screen to jump forward or backwards 10 seconds. Perhaps the # can increase dynamically if the user continuously taps.

This method is also used in the Youtube app, and it makes finding a time in the video so much easier.

Yes, this would be great. I use a couple Nest cams in conjunction with my Wyze cams. The Nest app allows you to jump forward or backward by 15 second increments with a tap. This makes it so easy to go back and rewatch an event, or to simply find a particular event. Wyze, please consider adding this feature! It’s really hard to find particular events when wading through hours of footage.


Just realized that you can “pinch out” on timeline during playback to use fine playback control, which is helpful.

It would be very nice if you also added 15 or 30 second fwd/reverse jump buttons on the playback screen.


can we add a 15sec skip(backward/forward) to the playback feature. its hard to scroll to the precise time you want and i dont want to wait and watch nothing until the recorded event happens.

@mjoves In case you’re not already aware, you can use a 2-finger pinch out gesture on the timeline to zoom in the timescale, making it pretty easy to get to the exact time you want.

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Yes I am aware but when I watch an event and I want to see it again, it would be nice to click 1 button and go backwards like 10-15 secs. Even with the 2- finger pinch, you are still within minutes of the event, not seconds.


I’m not disagreeing with the need for a jump back button. Just want to mention though, when I have it zoomed in, the smallest graduations are 10 sec apart and by looking at the timestamp that pops up while you’re scrolling, I find I can get within a second or two of my target time.

Please add Playback mode that will allow viewer to either Rewind or Advance video in 30 second increments. It’s difficult to use the cursor to find or replay activity in Playback timeline. image

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Perhaps have a variable time to permit changes to JUMP Ahead or Back timeframe.

When you use the scrubby slider to be able to see the video like you can on all the streaming services.
ALSO have a button to advance or go back in your camera video 15 seconds at a time.

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Wow. How would we know this? If I had not come across your comment, I would have no idea that we can pinch in/out on timeline. This is extremely helpful Again. Wow. @WyzeGwendolyn

Is this pinch in/out documented anywhere? It helps a lot. :smiley:

Skip Forward & Back 10 seconds in Cam History

Is there any way to skip forward and back in the stored cam history? Yes, I can slide finger back & forth but this needs fine tuning to skip back & forth thru the video history. Basic skip forward and skip back would be very helpful. Skip back 5 or 10 seconds & skip forward 10 to 20 seconds.
Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 12.41.01 PM