Short fast forward and rewind

I forget which app it was, but it had a 30 second fast forward button and a 10 second rewind. This was awesome and should be added to wyze. If you were trying to scan for activity you could jump forward 30 seconds and then step back in 10 second increments, vastly speeding up the process of searching through video feed.

30 and 30 on playback from an SD in a V3 .


Hmmm. Let me be more clear.

It’s obvious that there are 30 second back and 30 second forward buttons. What I’m suggesting is 30 seconds forward and 10 seconds backwards.

The Wyse cam is not all that great at capturing video in a precise window, Therefore, if I’m scanning for something, being able to jump forward 30 and back 10 gives me more fine grained control so I’m not wasting time. 10 and 10 would be far better than 30 and 30 because I could tap three times to achieve the same thing, but there’s a real beauty in 30 forward and 10 back.

I wish I remembered the app that did it this way, but it was really a better approach.

Have you tried pinching and pinching out of the timeline to zoom in and out?

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Here are what a quick search shows:

Yep - I have done that. Useful, but not what I’m asking. However, it seems others have had the same idea. Great. Please consider it.

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