Forward/Back 30 sec buttons

When reviewing footage, it is difficult to narrow in on a specific time. Attempts to slide the timeline to a known time often are off by +/- 2 min, and even that takes some care to achieve. This makes reviewing footage arduous, especially if you are looking at footage from multiple cameras!

A forward/back 30 secs (for example) button would really help users get to the desired time.

Other solutions could include:

  • The fast foward feature will cover some of this need, but not fully.
  • Expanded / zoomed timeline (toggled by button or tap & hold)
  • Separate time selector component that can be opened (e.g. clock face)
  • Enter time manually

The ability to expand/zoom the timeline is already there. Just use a pinch-out (two fingers spreading apart) gesture on the timeline.

Please add your comments about skip forward/back here (and VOTE for it):

Manual time entry is already covered here:


I’d really like to see this implemented the way Plexmedia Center, Youtube, and Netflix do this:

  • Double tap on the right edge of the screen for FF 10 seconds
  • Double tap on the left edge of the screen for RW 10 seconds
    When double tapping, text “10 sec” should show on the side of the screen you tapped. If you tap 4 times it should change to “20 sec” and so forth. So if you tap 12 times (6 double taps) it should says “60 sec” and then skip forward 60 seconds once the tapping ceases.

This conflicts with the double tap to zoom, but we already have pinch zoom, so I don’t think we need double tap to zoom. The above UX is so pervasive that I frequently find myself attempting to tap to skip forward or back and am frustrated when the video zooms instead.

Use Case
The Jackolanterns on my porch were smashed.

  1. Use the slider to skip back in time until a time when the pumpkin was still whole. It’s usually pretty hard to get closer than within 5 minutes or so.
  2. Double tap the right side of the screen a few times to skip forward 30 seconds.
  3. Wait for the video to load. Not quite far enough. Repeat step 2
  4. Spot the smashed pumpking and kid running away. Aha! There’s the jerks!
  5. Double the left side of the screen once or twice to go back 10-20s so you can watch everything from the start.
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Changing the rate of speed is a completely different issue than skipping forward by some multiple of 10s. Can we get a vote button on this request?

YES PLEASE forward/back (buttons, or taps)
especially BACK
it’s not the same as change speed

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