Camera disconnects everytime I try to playback

This error is driving me crazy,

Sometimes it let me use the playback but when I scroll for specific hour the camera gets disconnected.

Please Help

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Hello there, playback also disconnects often for me. I found it happens when i am connecting remotely using cellular and i scroll back in time more than an hour or two: it will invariably disconnect before loading the video. I do manage to play back clips from the last 5 or 20 minutes without issue.
This pattern suggests that somehow accessing older points in the video overloads the wyzecam or the cellular net bandwidth.

If my phone is connected by wifi to the same network as the wyze cam, there is no issue with playback. One way that Wyze could work around this problem , is to provide a jump to a specific date/time , rather than scrolling. Other than this issue, it is a very neat product. thx

I would click the Support link at the top of this page and run through the troubleshooting section. If that doesn’t do it, and if you don’t get other help here from the community, file a support ticket, preferably from within the app while the bad camera is connected so that the logs are captured. You might want to submit the ticket right away because there’s somewhat of a backlog. You can always let them know it’s already resolved when they contact you.

I dont know about danieeelpc’s camera , but i dont think mine is faulty. i had a peep at the log, & saw its running Linux, that its recording to SD, taking alerts / uploading simultaneously while seeking pieces of clips to playback and sending them to the app.
in my case prob happens on cellular (low bandwidth), the seeking of clips probably involves the app, sending some sort of control info back and fro, as scrollbar is swiped and pinched. overwhelming the cell net & causing the disconnects.
if i could key in the date/time, rather than use the scrollbar, this prob would be solved.
Could someone else try this (playback of yesterdays video over cellular) & let us know ?

I’m not clear if you’re talking about playing back from the SD card, or playing back from the cloud clips. But either way, I just played back both from yesterday over cellular without problem on a V2.

If you think the problem might be low bandwidth, they you might want to try changing the video mode to 360p and see if that fixes it.

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thanks for taking interest Rick, the problem is playing back from the SD card, playing alerts back from the cloud to the app over cellular works flawlessly (as i suspect the wyze cam is not part of the communication chain) . i was using it today at 360p. if your office is like mine, cellular is as fast as wifi, so you wont experience this problem . the problem happens when i am at a remote location, and i suspect it is something to do with the way the UI scrollbar is requesting data when there are some GB of data on the card.

i think adding a way to key in the time of the clip directly, to complement the scrollbar, would be an easy workaround to implement to fix this scollbar issue.


i did a few more experiments. i pressed pause playback, disabled motion detection & also disabled local recording to lower the simultaneous load on the Linux OS in the Wyze cam while i am requesting playback, but it still disconnects me if I scroll father than a few hours back. it looks like the way the scrollbar is implemented needs a very good connection. which means i often cant playback remotely.

this person posted this a week ago, it is precisely the same issue

If you are trying to get to a different date in the timeline, you can tap the calendar icon and jump directly to a different date.

thanks, i did some tests with the calendar, and they confirm that the problem is with how the scrollbar works, and not with my setup.

using the calendar i can jump back in time and playback over low bandwidth cellular with no disconnects, i can jump back one, two three days etc. but the playback always starts at midnight . thats why i am asking for a HH:MM input field.

I have this same issue. I recently had an incident that was only partially captured on camera due to the short duration of the motion trigger. I spent several hours unsuccessfully trying to get the camera to playback the few min around the event. Like was mentioned by the OP, after scrolling back an hour in the timeline the camera would immediately disconnect or play a few second of video and then disconnect. The camera in question is V1 and sits about 4 feet from the router so connectivity is good and the HD live feed is stable.

Was there ever any solution posted to this problem?

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if you have easy access to the camera, your best bet is to pop out the sdcard and play it back in your laptop. but if the camera is in another country, this wont work.

I have the same issue, but only on Android. Most times I try to view recordings it just kinda times out, gives error codes, tells me I need to force close the app, tells me to reboot the camera, etc. Anytime I open the recordings view it is always blank and says there is no recording. I have to wait for minutes before I can see any recordings in the timeline. I on rare occasions it will allow me to view a little bit of recorded video. Once it stops working It will refuse to connect to the camera again until I force close the app and reopen it, even for live feeds. Considering it can connect to the live stream immediately after restarting the app, I don’t think it is a camera/network issue, but seems more like software. When I am not looking at recordings I have no issues looking at live streams. I am on a Pixel4XL with latest OS/App/Firmware updates that are available. I have even deleted and re-installed the app recently to try and reset things. Even when switching to a new phone a few months ago the issues persisted. This happens on multiple cam-v2, no matter how strong their wifi signal.

When I use the Apple app on my iPad the recordings view works almost flawlessly on the same cameras that repeatedly fail on Android. There is almost no delay to see the recording list or view/scan thru recordings. This tells me my cameras and network are fine, that this is likely entirely the Android app that is the problem.