Wyze android app does not handle playback anymore

The Wyze android app seems to be getting worse. A few weeks back I discovered I couldn’t view playbacks on any of my cameras. I can look at the live feed, but when I click on the playback button it just shows the latest timestamped image, no matter when I scroll it to. I can maaaaybe get it to work sometimes, like 5% of the time, but otherwise it just stays locked up. What’s up with this?

Maybe time for a new SD card?

Sorry to hear this. This issue happens on all your camera or certain ones? Thanks!

This happens on all cameras.

I have all the cameras grouped in the app, tried debugging by ungrouping cameras, but that didn’t work either

I see. If you don’t mind. Could you please direct message me with a screen record of this issue and some logs for those devices. Any info would help. Thanks!