Feature request: key in playback HH:MM without using scrollbar

hello,using the scrollbar gives timeouts on slow cellular links when checking the cameras from abroad. having an input field for the time would be a great workaround. more background here:


i have confirmed this is a problem with the way the scrollbar works and not my setup using the calendar feature in the playback screen.

using the scrollbar to go move 8 hours back causes disconnects (i am in a remote location and checking on my property over a low bandwidth cell link,video is 360p)
using the calendar, i can jump back 1 or more days, without any disconnects. but playback always starts from midnight. then i have to use the scrollbar to get to the hour of day i need and it disconnects. hence the need for a HH:MM field to complement the calendar


Whenever I scroll back a few hours on the cameras, they always “disconnect.”

Whenever select an alert, no matter how far back, it works fine.

The scroll feature is the issue. It needs to be changed to allow us to “type in” the time we want.

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You can go Here to either vote or add this request for future consideration. I’m almost positive there is already an open request there, so Search before adding a new one-and don’t forget to Vote!