Feature request: auto format once a week

have you noticed that as time goes by, it becomes harder to reliably watch playback video from more than 1 or 2 hours back in history?
i had asked for an alternative to the scrollbar, in the form of an input box, where you key in the date and time you are interested in seeing the playback for,
otherwise using the scrollbar to see 1100 video when its 1800, just sends a series of requests for 1630, 1540, 1420, 1319, 1235, finally 1100, horribly inefficient, and more often than not, the camera will get overwhelmed and disconnect.
what i also noticed was that a recently formatted card playsback video with less trouble than one thats been in use for months.

maybe wyze should add this to improve stability, the ability to schedule a once weekly format.
do you manage to go hours back in time (not via events) using the scrollbar without issues?

Did you know you can “pinch in” and “pinch out” on the timeline to make the increments different?

I don’t reformat my card, I do nightly camera restarts via rules that may help you also.

The Pinch In and out helps, but I do agree that moving a good portion of a day to be pain.

I also don’t ever format my cards. With 27 operation cameras with 26 uSD cards (and four more V3s arriving today), that would be a pain to do manually.

yes I am aware of the pinch feature. it doesn’t help as the camera is overwhelmed with read requests for eg 1630, 1540, 1420, 1319, 1235, finally 1100.
each touch of the scrollbar is sending a read request to the wyzecam, which is already busy saving the footage it is currently seeing along with handling motion detection events and sensor events connected to the bridge

apart from that I think the “index” for the video gets corrupted, possibly from powercycling or other camera issues.
it also looks like these video corruptions accumulate with time.

what I notice is a recently formated sdcard is much easier to navigate back 6 hrs than 1 with has nt been formatted in week’s

a disk check or autoformat function would be useful here

I’m just jealous you guys can access your SD cards at all. :wink: