Wyze Cam playback issues

Ok, so I have wyzecam setup in my room. It detects on motion, no issues whatsoever until today, and at a very specific interval.

I updated the firmware as it instructed me to do prior to viewing. It recorded a 12 second clip to the cloud. When I go to “playback”, it all works up until that 12 second clip, then drops to 0kb/s and the playback stop and camera seems to freeze.

Has anyone els encountered this? Any solutions?

I’ve been having the same problem as well. I came here to post about it but found yours. I own 3 and on all 3, playback is severely delayed. I’ll go into playback which takes longer to load than previously, find my point to replay and it will work fine for 3 seconds (226KB/s) then drop to 6KB/s and then to 0KB/s. If I wait, it will start again but skip forward X seconds, lag, artifact or the cameras completely disconnect which is usually the case now. Sound doesn’t work or is extremely delayed during playback. I actually closed the app after playback was failing and about 10 seconds later the audio started playing through my phone. I’m not sure if it’s a firmware issue or an issue with the app.

Wi-Fi signal is fine. I’ve reset everything numerous times.
These cameras are nice but extremely inconsistent when it comes to function at times. I’ve had 2 of them for about a year.

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Interesting. I don’t use playback often (<weekly), so I thought it was just me or I was doing something wrong. Not thrilled with the latest firmware and app version. I updated as part of the standard troubleshooting routine for different issues.

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there’s supposed to be a software/firmware release soon… I am hoping that the issues discussed here have been addressed and with luck cured.

I have been having a similar issue. The motion is not detecting the person approaching the door, I believe do to the 5 min rule. However, when I attempt to go to the recording playback for that period of time, the playback freezes when the person would normally appear in the video (i.e. paper delivery person). It started about the time that the “Person” option became available. I have found, if I’m patient, that video will be corrected some time later, maybe by the next day.