BUG: Clips still moving at faster than normal speed when viewing

I’m now experiencing the issue where when viewing an alert video, the playback is sped up. I thought this was fixed a while ago but either it has come back or just decided to hit one of my cameras. It’s not doing it on them all.
The camera in question is on firmware and says it’s up to date. I have other cameras on the same firmware that do not exhibit the fast playback problem.

Not sure what to do to try to resolve this.


I am having the exact same issue. I sent a request into tech support and have not heard back in almost two weeks so I sent in another request. Not a great sign if tech responses are not turning around in the stated time frames.

I still have this issue on one of my camera but only when it records an alert video in night mode. Actually, just checked it again as I’m typing this and the latest video is in normal speed so maybe it’s fixed. hmm.

I am experiencing the same problem with two of my six cameras. It appears to be related to daytime events and recordings, night (IR) events and recordings playback fine. Also the daytime recordings are at about 1/3 the bit-rate of the IR recordings, weird. I have a support ticket with Wyze and they are supposedly investigating. I also swapped the cameras with two other cameras that record normally and they show the same problem. The only thing common to the two cameras exhibiting the problem is they are furthest from the Wi-Fi router in that location.

Exactly, looks like autos speed past at 50km per hour. Event playback. Firmware here is

Been doing this for quite some time now.




I’m sorry for the late response. Would you mind telling me what your ticket number?


Thank you for the link. I’ve located your ticket. Will look into it.

Ticket #162394


Did this problem get resolved? I’m having the same problem.

Hello @Shreveman, is your device that your experiencing this issue with updated to the latest firmware update?

My cam did have the latest firmware. It appears to be working fine now, however. Thanks for your response.


Glad to hear that, no problem. :smile:

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This issue has still not been resolved for me. Ticket submitted back in January (Ticket 159964) had some efforts from the support team regarding an updated firmware that did not resolve the issue. The cameras have since seen at least one regular firmware update with no change. Currently on

To clarify, for me, the problem is intermittent. It is however ALWAYS related to low bit-rate streams. For whatever reason when the camera bit rate drops below say 35-40 KB/s any triggered or manual recording exhibits the problem (fast playback and incorrectly reported duration). When in IR (night) mode bit-rates are normal and records are fine. I first thought it might be signal related as the problem was with two of my cameras that were farthest form the router, but this has not been consistently the case. Just today one camera was streaming at 130 KB/s+ and the one right next to it was at 20 KB/s. WiFi signal was 90% and 88% respectively. I am at a loss to try and explain this (as I think Wyze support is as well). Again the really weird part is the moment I switch to IR/night mode bit-rates pop up to normal (120 KB/s+) and records are played back just fine.

My 2 cameras are doing the same thing, I’m going to try SD recording instead of HD, maybe the bit rate will be higher? Please let me know if Wyze comes up with a fix. Thanks.

Has this been resolved? I’m having issues now as well.

Never received a response, I still have this happening most of the time when I view my recordings.

This problem has resurfaced on a v2 camera that previously never had an issue.

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