Cam Recording events and local sdcard at double 2x speed

I just noticed that all of my events and even local playback recordings are recording at double speed. Just to be sure, I recorded a video from playback and everything is sped up? I can’t find where to change this setting or is it a bug or a feature? Thanks. Wyze cam on latest firmware.

A far as I know that is a bug. I am not %100 sure though. It may be a future, but I have never heard of it.

Yeah, started happening in last 2 weeks. Upgrades to latest firmware made no change.

I would recommend submitting a log to Wyze if you want to. Anyway, I hope everything works out!

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What app version are you running?
A recent update added fast-forward for Cam Plus videos. This would include 2X and 4X speed.

Mine is doing the same, I have two cameras a first production model wyazes and a V2 wayzes, I recorded videos and they all are x2 speed playback? Also, the share does not work.

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Interesting I have the same issue. My pan cam has double speed playback. But it is only the pan cam, I have two v2 cams and their playback speeds are normal.

Restart seems to have fixed this or the latest update.

Having trouble after moving a camera. All triggered motion events are playing at 2X speed. They also seen to end early and then jump ahead. The camera worked fine before I moved it. Live stream is fine. Manual playback of SD card is fine. Only the 12s events that are motion triggered give me the 2x playback. Another nearby camera is fine (both are V2’s). I’ve unplugged the camera; also restarted it. Firmware is current.

If the camera is easy to move I would try moving it back and see if it fixes the issue, if so then it’s a connection problem, if it persists then we have to look in a different direction.