Wyze Cam Pan v2 briefly stops recording after 2-3 sec


My wyze cam pan v2, works normally (it replaced a v1)

However when it is triggered to record something, it starts the recording but after 2-3 seconds it freezes for 2 seconds and the continues to record untill event is over… missing those seconds…

Also downloading a clip to my iphone doesn’t work…

My wifi network is really good…

Anybody has a solution? I recently got a cam plus license for the cam.


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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @elenten! :raising_hand_man: Glad to have you aboard! :grin:

Recent firmware updates have caused some issues with the operation of the Pan V2. Can you please provide the following information:

  • What Firmware is the cam currently running?
  • Is the Motion Tracking on?
  • Does it also do this when the Motion Tracking is toggled to the opposite on\off?
  • Is the video effected Event Video, SD Video, or both?
  • What error message do you get when trying to download an event video?
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it is actually now resolved , I removed the cam from cam plus and switched to another cam and then switched back.


I am seeing some weird action out of my Pan v2. It starts to track movement and then as its doing so, stops and then seems to reset and start over.

Also when I look at the video from on the SD card its like its in fast forward for some reason.

I am on firmware I just got it yesterday and as long as I dont have motion tracking on it, its fine. but that kind of defeats the purpose of the Pan cam, lol.

Any ideas?

issue is back, firmware still the same, no motion tracking

Motion Tracking and recording at the same time has been a major issue in the PanV1 and now the PanV2 since early this summer when they started pushing this new Edge AI code to the cams in the firmware.

It has rendered my PTZ event recording useless. I have been complaining about it since that time with no improvements.

The only thing I can recommend is to call Customer Support and submit a ticket. The firmware is the cause and there is no fix until it is updated

So if I take the SD card out will it at least track and go to cloud? Or is motion tracking on the camera broken all together?

Motion tracking is a function of the cam that tracks the moving object by using the cam motors.

With it on it affects the video recorded to the cloud and to the SD Card, although the SD in Continuous record is not affected as much because the recording is not event driven. However the motion stabilization routines to keep the frame from distorting and pixelating while in motion has suffered greatly.

The cloud recordings are affected regardless of the SD. That is why one continuous motion event will be broken up into a dozen 12s events and it is impossible to get full length events w\ Motion Tracking on.

With it off it is just a static recording cam that you can manually PTZ, but it will record fluid full length events at that point.

The new firmware broke the cams ability to differentiate cam motor movement in the frame from object movement in the frame. When both are happening, the cam has no idea what to do because it is 100% frame movement on top of object movement. The AI can’t handle it. When the cam starts to move in tracking mode, it sees the movement in the frame it is causing from the tracking and interprets that as movement it then needs to track. It doesn’t know real object movement from tracking frame movement.

I am not using motion tracking… but my recording stop for a few seconds and then continues

I also cannot download clips, it is stuck at ‘loading’ and wheel keeps spinning…

and finally says ‘download failed, please try again’

please help

Are you referring to Event Recordings or SD Recordings?

Is this only affecting Cloud Recorded Event Videos on the PanV2 or is this on other cams as well?

I turned off motion tracking, motion tagging so now my pan is just a regular cam that I can turn.

But it’s still crashing regularly. It seems like the Pan v2 has some serious issues to overcome.

Maybe they will come out with a firmware fix soon.


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