Sudden issue with my WCP-V1 after taking the recent fw update w/ subscription to Cam Plus

After this update, the event videos are being recorded in increments of 12-14 secs instead of one long clips (no cooling periods work fine).

Please help!


That has been going on for some time… As you already know (you were the first to report it this summer). It has never corrected for me.

If you turn off motion tracking, you should get full length video.

See these posts:

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@SlabSlayer Thank you for your reply. I did not know about turning off the Motion Tracking. I hoped that this new FW update would resolve the ongoing issue with short clips by now. A long while ago, I do recall having longer events using the prior FW. BTW… Thank you for including the above relevant links!

You are welcome.

As a result of our exchange last summer in your original report of this bug, I have been working through all subsequent Beta releases testing issues. During that time, @WyzeDesmond found that the problem is not present when the cam Motion Tracking is off.

Since my cam is still Firmware Broken, I will continue to track this.


Thank you @SlabSlayer @eliesk for brining this up. Yes, Pan camera is not doing event/detection while it is moving. Since the whole picture is moving it is impossible for AI to determine what kind of object that is.

This actually not only on Panv1 but also V2 and all other PT/PTZ cameras in this market

So to give you the best and accurate result, there will be a new event made up once camera is not moving. Of course SD card can still record everything.


Thanks for the update. However this explanation begs a different question:

How is it that it was working properly prior to the firmware updates?

Your explanation makes it sound like the cam was never able to do this. The cam wasn’t sold in this condition. It worked properly out if the box and for some time thereafter. The cam used to track and record full length CP events at the same time without any problems. It wasn’t until the updates earlier this year that it stopped doing this.

It defeats the purpose of having a PTZ cam on CamPlus if it is incapable of recording events while it is moving.

This isn’t a cam design\functionality problem when it worked properly before. At some point the firmware was updated and that functionality was lost. If it is because the AI is now incapable of determining the object, that is an AI problem. Perhaps because of the Edge AI that has been introduced to the Firmware. Regardless, even if the AI can’t tag an object, the video should still be full length up to the point when the cam stops moving while object tracking and the object stops moving. I suspect that, because if the new AI model, this feature was deactivated intentionally because it uploaded full length motion events when it was constantly Waypoint Scanning.

Can’t it just start the event when motion is detected, then when it moves, force the event to continue no matter what, and once it stops moving check again for motion. If there’s no motion now when it’s stopped, you can end the event

That is what I indicated above. But it will not currently do that.

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@SlabSlayer @IEatBeans I can definitely push your suggestions and questions to the team and find out why it is acting differently than before. Once I have any updates I will let you know. Thanks again for the info.