Playback Issues

I’m having problems with playback from both the SD card in my camera and on the 12 second clips stored on the Wyze servers.

First, with the SD card, when I playback events the video seems to be 1 frame per second as I view it. So the stream appears to jump from second to second.

For the web streams, sometimes when I start playback the stream starts, gets to about 2 seconds into the video and then continues to loop back to the beginning and never runs. App is v2.15.22. Camera firmware is the RTSP version on a V2 camera.

If you have an Android Wyze app that includes this you might want to try Account, App Settings, Enable Hardware Decoder.

No, specifically mentioned iPad in the post.

Anyone from Wyze watching this thread? Issue started a couple of days ago. Any chance the 12 second clips not playing is a problem with the Wyze servers?

I’m seeing the same one second skips/jumps with production v2.15.22 for iOS on my v2 cams with Cam Plus applied.

I don’t have this problem with the same iOS app on v2 cams without Cam Plus.

I also don’t have this problem under Android with or without Cam Plus.

Edit: using production v2 firmware

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I have issues with Cam Plus on a V2 too, but not this particular issue.

My thought is your issue may be that you are running RTSP. That is a very old firmware, and if current firmware is having trouble, maybe old firmware is too. I passed it up the chain.

RTSP is old but was working until just a few days ago. This is something new.

Well, like I said, others are seeing issues too. Your particular symptoms may be unique to the RTSP software. I understand they are working on an app update, but I don’t know how that will affect RTSP at this time.

Same issue here aswell. Sometimes plays 2 seconds from event recording, most time just trues to load, and then error msg.

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Also noticing that the problem with the uploaded clips isn’t all of them, only some. Maybe an upload problem to the servers is causing problems with the files?

Just signed up for cam plus and got it running last night. I am very disappointed that this is happening. I was hoping a restart would fix it but unfortunately no.

I experience a problem playing back 12 second when clips; but mostly from just one Wyze Cam v2. Perhaps that specific cam is uploading defective clips. A better error response would help; the playback usually stalls right at the start, and I rarely wait for an error message.