Wyze Cam v2 playback from SD card is awful

Four cameras, all of which have choppy playback from the SD cards. It only shows about 1 frame every second.

I see that live playback is fine
I see that 12-second events playback fine

Should I factory reset the cameras?

What brand, model, and size of SD card? I don’t know anything, but I would probably consider reformatting a card or putting a new card in one problematic camera to see if that changes the behavior.

Sandisk High Endurance 32GB

I moved one of the SD cards to my PC and it plays back just fine there. So the recordings are good. The SD cards are good. It is something with the playback software on the iOS device?

Yet the same software is playing the live video and the cloud videos without any problem. I’m so confused.

Searching the forum for CHOPPY PLAYBACK I see another thread where an iOS user reports the same issue. for the benefit of others who may have a clue you might want to post the model of camera that you’re working with.

Wyze Cam v2 (It’s in the title of the thread)

There must be a million of these v2 cameras out there. Surely I’m not the only one with this problem using the Wyze iOS app …


Are you using RTSP firmware? I had the same problem. Reverted to stock firmware (which included reformatting the SD card in my pc) and the problem was resolved. Not sure which actually fixed the problem, but all 7 cameras had RTSP firmware and all 7 had the problem.

WildBill you nailed it!

RTSP firmware is total crap. I changed back to regular firmware and they all work now.

Glad that worked. I think there is problem introduced with the latest RTSP firmware. I used the earlier version and never had that problem.