Anyone having issues with recorded clips from WOC running at double speed?

I have three outdoor cams set up in the back yard to watch the local wildlife. I have the internal IR lights disabled and Nightvision set to Auto. I use a pair of external IR illuminators to light the area at night. This has worked extremely well for the last eight months or so.

Since mid-December '21, my night time clips are recording for 12 seconds but are being saved at 6 seconds length - i.e. 12 second clips will only play back at 2x speed (6 seconds total). This applies to clips saved on both the Base station and on the cloud. Daytime clips are fine - a full 12 seconds at 1x playback speed.

I’ve tried HD and Auto resolutions - no difference. I’ve rebooted the base station linked the cameras again - no difference.

Anyone else seeing this? Any ideas for resolving?

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I’ve never seen that. I just watch a 12 second night video taken at 2:22 AM of my nightly possum and it played just fine. I have the IR lights on, night vision on Auto also. I get numerous night videos. Yesterday was the same possum 5 times, the same neighbors cat 6 times and the same Raccoon 2 times. All videos play normal. I am using the 17 November 2021 firmware for both base and cams.

As I pointed out, my internal IR lights are off, to maximize the battery life. I use external IR illuminators that turn on at dusk. My other complication is that it’s been between -24 to -34C here lately. Cameras still work perfectly in daylight. My problem is only at night…

That is very strange. I did a search and found some old post members have posted with the same issue. They never got an answer either?? Did you update any firmware for the base/cam or app mid December I know there was new releases. I am still using the 17 November 2021 firmware.

I believe it’s the latest firmware - on the B/S, on the cams.

Yes that is the latest firmware for the camera but the latest for the base is which I have not loaded. I know the base firmware was put on pause but it is available for download so you can install with an SD card. In fact it is the only one available for download right now. The November 17 2021 Base firmware is and the cam is The cam firmware is available for download and up date via the SD Method. You can try to add the old one or the new version for the cam via SD card and see if that will work. I have not updated either.

Many Thx - I didn’t realize that the B/S firmware was “on pause”. I’m a little reluctant to update the base station at the risk of bricking it. And it is way too cold here (minus 35C this morning) to dismount the cameras, bag them to prevent condensation while they warm up and then attempt to roll back the firmware. :slightly_smiling_face: I may wait for warmer weather to try this…

Minus 35 C !!! Do you live next door to Santa Claus :astonished:

Central Alberta. Just an extended cold snap with extra wind chill thrown in.

I just had one WCO do the same fast recording. There are 10 other events on the same cam from yesterday and last night and all are normal speed. This one is from 01:36 AM this morning. On the SD card file it shows 14 sec. but when I play the cloud event it is 7 seconds. It is 32F 0 C here this morning. I did add the new camera firmware 3 days ago and have not had any issues. The base is still using the November firmware. *** I tried to play the video on the SD and it didn’t work to good, maybe I will remove the card and try on the computer. The cam is doing scheduled event recording. Edit 2, I just went out and made another video event and it recorded normally and it is colder now 30 deg.F, minus 1.1 C. Very strange???

I have a spare WCO base station and camera that I set up indoors (yes - room temperature!) yesterday about 5m from my router. Good signal strength all around. The camera was running the Dec '20 update and the base station was running the November '20 firmware. In normal light, the camera recorded 12 second clips as usual. I then turned the lights out…

In a completely dark room, with the camera running on night vision and with the internal IR lights either turned on or off, all I could collect was 12sec clips that played in 6 seconds - i.e. double speed play back on the cloud and on the SD card.

I’m surprised that no one else seems to see this.

My coyote was by last night…three WO cams all recorded double speed clips.

I agree, they screwed up something again in the cam firmware. Here are 2 clips. I have night vision turned on Auto for this camera, I also have a motion sensing light on the side of my house I turn on sometimes. See the difference between the first video 22:01 with my light coming on and the 22:42 video when light did not detect the cat. Same camera and location. Maybe I will change the firmware on this cam tomorrow to the previous version and test it out. It was minus 2 C when both videos were taken. I just submitted a camera log #421905

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From early this morning- shows recorded 6 seconds, front cam recorded event of 8 seconds, back cam recorded an event of 10 seconds. All cams with night vision on set to auto IR lights on. During the day time the all record 12 of 12 seconds. I will be changing the firmware back to the November version on one cam this afternoon.

I have been having this prob for a few weeks. Same exact thing. Ive submitted files to support and zero help. I thought my cam was going bad a month after the 1 year warranty. Then my other 2 cams were doing it.

I just tried to revert to the November 17 2020 firmware without success. I just updated the firmware to the Dec. 20 version a few days ago and this started happening. I tried two different good 32 GB SD cards to load the previous firmware but the cam device info says it still has the Dec. 20 firmware on it. I know how to do it since I have done it many times before. The WCO cam sd zip file in on the card, light flashed yellow, flashed blue, solid blue. Removed the SD, power cycled the cam still have December firmware??? Maybe it is like the new base firmware, there is a note on it saying once it is loaded you can not revert to a previous version. I am still using the November base firmware because I see nothing that states the December version has been fixed after they put it on hold???

Agreed - I was also unable to revert my WO Camera firmware to It looks like were stuck until someone at Wyze fixes the new Base Station firmware, and hopefully corrects this problem.

for the record, media playersa like VLC can be used to slow down the double speed night clips for “regular speed” viewing, but it has to be adjusted for each file viewed…

I hope this is not the new norm that if you update a firmware and it has issues that you can’t revert to previous version. :astonished:

This is getting old. We need new firmware or be able to revert to previous version :frowning_face:

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I will not surrender :upside_down_face: Six more videos last night all recorded at 2X speed. I sent more files and have a new support ticket #1716110. Email from WYZE says I may get a response in 48-72 hours. When I send my reply I will send a link to this entire thread unless someone objects.

I got a reply from support that said to power cycle the cams, no thanks did that 4 times already. I just put the one cam on night vision a few min. ago at 12:05 PM and it has the same issue of recording 2X=6 seconds. Changed the cam back to Auto and it recorded 12 of 12 :roll_eyes:

Power cycling either the camera and/or the Base Station does not affect the “double speed” recording glitch. In my case, Night vision mode has been set to auto and invariably records the “six second for twelve second clips” only after dark. I have not tried turning night Vision “On” during the day. I’ll give that a try tomorrow.

I just noticed a new firmware release has cropped up for the WO camera: Nothing yet about the base station though.