Outdoor Cam 2 doesn't turn IR on until 2 seconds into video

My original Outdoor cam (a v1) developed a bit of a fog, so I purchased an Outdoor Cam v2. However, this camera always starts the video black for about 2 seconds, and then turns the IR on. This is rather annoying since it generally misses 1/2 of the activity if something is just passing by the camera.

The Outdoor Cam v1 did not have this problem. Video recording started with the IR and was nearly instantaneous.

I’ve resorted to leaving it in night mode all of the time, which now records all of the action. But now I have b/w videos for activity during the day.

Is this normal?

I only have 4 old Version One WCO cams and you are correct the IR lights come on instantly. Sounds like something is maybe wrong in the IR Auto setting if it takes that long. I don’t have the newer version 2 to compare.

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I have both, and haven’t had this problem. Could you share a video of what your seeing?

Sure, if it’ll let me. Nope, too big. Here’s a link to it on YouTube https://youtu.be/JqYFqyjBZEg

Oh, yea I have had that happen sometimes, though it seems like it happens on my v1s as well. I will pay more attention to it going forward. Does it happen everytime for you?

Nice Possum Paw wash. :grin:

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This happens every time, unless I leave it in night mode.

I have the same issue with the v2 outdoor cam. Also experiencing a portion of the picture having a washed out appearance. I returned one already for the same issues, ordered a second one and same thing all over again. Very disappointed. Leaving the camera in night mode is not a workable solution. All you get is BW images.

Still happening, every time in night mode. The IR turns on about 1 - 2 seconds after it starts recording. Depending on ambient light, sometimes something is there. Other times it is black until the IR turns on. It suspect it is a design flaw in that the IR cannot activate quick enough after motion is detected.

Make sure to hit the heart in the fix it Friday post to get this issue some attention!

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I’m having the same problem only with Outdoor Cam v2. I sent a log to tech support. Other than standard troubleshooting tips, really no solution provided. Disappointing because, unlike your possum, I’m not seeing what triggers the camera to record. Hope Wyze finds a way to resolve this.

Did someone say Possum? :grin: I had to convert this video from 6MB to 2MB to load it here but if you go just before the end o the video you will see how fast the IR lights turn on at the other version one WCO as Anna Catharina gets near the second water bowl after she passes the garbage can blocking the other cam.