Outdoor Cam slow Detection

How do I set up my detection so it’s faster? I have a gate patio, and theyre already 2 seconds in before it starts recording.

Is it also possible for there to be a recording before the motion is activated? Like 10 sec before and 10 sec after motion is triggered?

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No the cam will not record until motion starts. The cam wakes up as soon as it sees motion then it will start to record the event, I usually get an alert 10-15 seconds after the motion is detected. If you want something faster get a V3 that uses a different motion sensor. The outdoor cam uses passive infrared detection, the V3 uses changes in pixels. You might be able to see them before they get to the gate but which ever cam you use you are not going to get “instant” notification".

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No but I think your doing great 2 seconds in. After this last update mine seems to start later than that. Then you sometimes see a splice In the very beginning of the video where the first few seconds gets played in warp speed, my eufy cam that I have facing the same direction from the same position is great. The start of the WCO footage lags a full 7/9 seconds behind the eufy. I do understand part of this is caused by the PIR sensor but it’s somehow been made worse.

I’m running into the same issue. Ironic, because my v3 has too many false positives while my Outdoor Cam hardly has any. I would love to have a v3 but alas I don’t have access to power where I need it. So if there’s an update coming for the Outdoor Cam with the v3 processor and sensor then let us know.


The outdoor cams use a PIR sensor to awake the camera the way I understand there is not even a possibility of changing or adding the type of software like the V3 uses which detects changes in the pixels. This would not work with the outdoor cam because this type of system takes a constant power source which would drain the batteries quickly. We are stuck with the PIR detection with the WCO and there is no getting around that.