Outdoor Cam Event Recordings: Faster on the Draw

I did a search but must not be using the correct words as I’m sure other people have brought this up. Is it possible to get the outdoor cam to initiate recording faster? I put mine up today and I’ve tested it out by walking by from a few different directions and can’t help but notice that the recording is missing half (or more) of the time that I was within the detection zone. I know this is kind of nit picky but at one point it was even so late that it didn’t catch me in frame at all. Is that just a downside of its detection system that I’m stuck with or will future updates improve the activation speed?

The low power PIR motion sensor has to *wake up" the camera to start recording. Perhaps one of the beta testers can tell you how long that delay is supposed to be. (I would have assumed negligible. If it’s more than 1/2 second then what’s the point…)

Unfortunately, delayed recording is a common problem with battery powered cameras. Even the battery powered Ring cameras have this problem. You’ll have recorded videos, for example, where a porch pirate is already turned around and running away with your package, missing the recording of their face.

I hear you loud and clear but my parents have a ring camera and every single event recording starts a split second /before/ anything comes into frame. I assume what they are doing is constantly recording a cache of a few seconds of video and immediately deleting it when nothing is happening, allowing it to have some pre-roll footage prior to the triggering event.

Now to be fair, I understand what the difference is between these two cameras. The ring has two massive, removable batteries that allow it to stay on at all times and still have a significant battery life, whereas that is nowhere near the case with the outdoor wyze cam that saves battery by “sleeping” until an event.

All that said, I’ve had it do well and recording only about half a second into me walking into frame. But I feel like I’ve also seen it take multiple seconds to get going, even with sensitivity cranked to maximum. It’s those that bother me, especially without the CamPlus full event recording capability at this time.