Takes to long to start recording

It takes way too long for recording to start. By the time it starts the delivery person has already passed the camera.

This is a problem for a lot of battery cameras (not just Wyze) that primarily rely on PIR sensors to determine motion. The cameras sit in a suspended status to preserve the battery then have to “Wake up” when the heat signature changes. You can improve this sometimes by repositioning the camera in a better place that will have a longer time with the subject in view.

Detection zone and sensitivity can make a difference too.

This is something that a lot of people complain about with things like Battery Ring Doorbells too. It’s a long time running joke, that porch pirates feel safe with Ring doorbells because they have enough time to run up, grab the package, and run away without the Battery Ring Doorbell even seeing their face most of the time.

Positioning can make a big difference with PIR battery cameras.
It also generally works better if the person isn’t walking straight toward the camera since PIR works best with side-to-side movement instead of direct straight on movement.