Wyze Cam Oudoor PIR detection, wake up time

My Outdoor cam has been up for two weeks but wold like to see some improvements in the PIR detection and wake up time. It will very seldom detect anything smaller than a car and occasionally a person and absolutely misses dogs and cats.

I do have it mounted so that any motion of interest is covered by the green detection area in the preview. Sensitivity is turned up to 100. It just doesn’t pick up.

Also, it would be great if the wake up time could be shortened to something like five seconds. Recording of motion doesn’t seem to start until 10-12 seconds in. I literally have time to back my car up and start to drive off and it only captures the back part of my car as it exits the frame.

I agree with your wishlist item about shortening the wakeup time. I have a area that I monitor with an outdoor camera running on battery power, and it has a tendency to record an individual leaving the scene but not entering. I see only the individual’s backside. Is this typical with wakeup time limitations?

Wyze Outdoor Cam wake up and record response

Improve the wake up time (identify motion and begin recording). Currently it takes 4-5 seconds before recording begins - way too slow…. We can drive the car into the alley and the outdoor cam will only catch the last 1/4th of the car before stopping in the garage. Also people walking by will only catch a small portion of the person. I have sensitivity set at 100 and my range is 50 feet.

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