Lapse time is more than at least 15 seconds

A person came straight up to my front door and the Wyze cams (one v2 facing outside, one Outdoor cam) only caught the backside of him leaving (by only one cam of these 2 cams).

Most of the times the outdoor cam would catch the last 2 seconds of my car going into the garage, there are times it didn’t get caught at all. The cam never never catch my car coming out of the garage.

I am seriously considering getting another brand.

The process of the WCO camera is this:

motion event, camera detects event with pir sensor, camera wakes up and starts recording, if clip meets the threshold of your sensitivity and other settings it is saved and uploaded to the cloud.

The “camera wakes up” usually takes a second or two because the cam starts off in a low battery use state. You can test this by sneaking up to the camera, then waving your hand back and forth infront of the camera 10 times. Now, when the event shows up in your event tab, how many hand waves do you see? 8 waves? 3 waves? The amount of time it takes you to wave the ones you don’t see is the wake up to record time. For me that has been about one or two waves, so about a second or 2.

Whereas the v2 is always on and looking for pixel change, and once detected, starts a cloud clip right away.


I get alerts from my outdoor cams in 5 or less seconds, they are not on Cam Plus. As far as not seeing your car maybe you should change the angle of your camera view. In the below photo the red line shows where the face of the cam should be facing so you catch movement across the driveway (PIR) zone not coming straight at the cam or straight away from the face of the cam.

Thanks for the response, yes, the outdoor cam is mounted above the garage door, I will put another wyze outdoor cam to the side of the driveway.

I was going to get a Blink outdoor cam to supplement the ones that I already have, but I just read it’s reviews, and it has the same issues regarding the time lapse and not recording vertically just as Wyze.