Not understanding the event recording options

My outdoor cam’s event recording settings are 1) No cooldown and 2) 5 min. max. length.

If a car pulls up to my garage doors and pauses, then reverses and Y-turns around in front of my doors, the recording stops when they pause and does not restart when they Y-turn - so I’m missing who it is that is repeatedly hitting the shed that is next to my garage doors! With the settings I have (no cooldown) - why is recording not picking up again when the car starts moving again?

And - on a (likely) unrelated note - I have recently stopped getting recordings before like 10am. For example: I will put out of my garage at 9am and nothing is recorded. When I pull back in at 10am, it’s recorded. Only started happening maybe 2 weeks ago…

Sorry your having issues, based on the tags you use the battery powered WCO?

That cam uses PIR for motion sensing, so it works best when heat signatures move across the screen. Also, the PIR is only on the bottom half of the camera view, so keep that in mind. If you have the cam over your garage door, it may have trouble detecting motion since the car is coming towards it. If you can offset it a bit so the car moves across the screen, it will help significantly.

Also make sure you raise the sensitivity in detection settings.

Sensitivity is all the way up. I guess we’ll have to reconsider where it’s placed, though we put it outside a window for ease of access.

Does the newer outdoor cam do this any better (detect motion no matter what direction) ?

Any camera that uses PIR will have this issue unfortunately. The new v2 also has this issue. Since you places it outside a window, if your able to run power inside a v3 wired cam would be ideal.