30 seconds skip buttons completely wrong

So I don’t like how the playback timeline scroll bar at the bottom gives very little precision, When I grab the timeline it immediately jumps 3-5 minutes before i even start scrolling left or right. Total PITA to narrow to a time you want or to move just 20 seconds either direction.

So i thought, gee , that is what the 30 second back / forward buttons are for. And there goes BUST, my excitement shattered… My buttons behave in the weirdest way possible. They jump 2 minutes forward no matter which one i press… What is going on??? help!!

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That’s not good. I just tested my V3 SD playback launched from an event and the 30 second fwd and back are spot on. The playback is still broken from an event notification, so I can’t test that.

Only suggestions I have are to ensure you are running the most up to date app and that your cam FW is up to date I would next check to be sure that the time on the cam and your phone are synced and reading the same. You should be able to verify that in live view. Don’t t think this would affect that … But you never know.


OMG thank you soo much! Yes it was my time on the phone, it was set up to manual time because a year ago here in Canada, we had a huge mishap when providers messed up our times by 1 hr and thousands were late to work that day!!!

Change it to automatic time and voilla, 30 seconds jumps are perfect!! what a relief!! thanks!!

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So that confirms it. Playback from an event goes to the timestamp on the SD video time, but the playback UI 30 second buttons draw from the phone time. Great info to know.

As for the slider bar, VERY touchy to get the right time. I need a bigger phone or smaller fingers. I think there is a wishlist item for a ‘Go To’ UI.

Glad it’s back! Be safe and well!

Yes , and my phone has been about 2 minutes different from real time since i quickly set it back then and it never hurts to go by an earlier time. that explains why my jumps were 2 minutes and completely messed up! thanks again and I have marked your reply as a solution. much appreciated for such a comprehensive reply! extremely valuable member!!

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You do know that you can pinch in to zoom in on the time slider? When zoomed in, it is no problem at all to move as little as 5 seconds.


Johnny Carson: “I did not know that.”

TIL. Good tip :+1:!

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You can also pinch out so you can move hours at a time.


I also had no idea! thanks so much!

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I confirmed that my cams and app are all running the most current updates. However, the Backward and Forward buttons are off the chain. Please see the video I made showing the problem below.

I opened a case with CS last week, but haven’t received any response or solution from them since then.

Then OP here fixed their problem by changing the device OS time update setting to auto and then time syncing the cams to get them all on the same sheet of music.

Edit: Also they were on Android. You are on iOS. (No comment) :speak_no_evil:

Doesn’t apply in my case. The phone’s time is set to automatic. The cams are synced to the phone.

Edit to my last post…iOS?

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I would take this to Fix-It Friday 4/1/22

I rebooted my phone and that seemed to improve the situation but the Forward and Backward buttons are more like 35 seconds now. Still, that’s much better than before!

There seems to be an issue with the coding in those buttons. Rather than using the SD card video current location timestamp to calculate the +30-30 landing spot, the buttons are coded to use the device time as a frame of reference for determining the landing spot. If your phone time is off my any margin, the buttons will react by that margin plus the 30.

Not a very good way to do it, adds too much possibility for variance into the mix.

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That’s the most refreshingly honest and informative comment I’ve seen on this forum lately, as compared to the ubiquitous establishment comments that amount to excusing and dismissing problems or disgruntled members. It’s nice to not be insulted for a change. Thanks.

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Thanks! :pray:

I try to be part of the solution, although it isn’t always easy to stay in that lane with all the platform instability lately.

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So the pinch on the timeline in playback mode does not work for me. I think i would have figured it out sooner if it did, as the lack of precision has bothered me from day one. Yes, I am on Samsung GS10 and the 30 seconds jump issues are gone, but there is no pinching in and out on the timeline in playback mode. It just doesn’t do anything when I do it on the timeline. What gives?

I think my app version is recent (only got cams 3 months ago). Regardless, would that have been a latest feature to be added (in case I do not have the latest)? Somewhat doubtful.