V3 Pro 30 second skip forward and back buttons skips many random hours instead on SD card playback

Does not skip or rewind 30 seconds, will skip even a day sometimes. Never 30 seconds.


This was experienced by someone some time ago. I will have to search deep to see if I can find it.

If my memory serves me, I think the solution was found in turning on the automatic time sync in the phone OS so that the phone was synced w\ the cellular service and then manually syncing the time on the cam.

same issue

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Did not help here

I just looked at my SD Playback. Exhibiting the same. Going to ask some others to test and confirm so it can be escalated.

Experiencing the same. :+1:

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Good catch on this issue @jeff_sloan! And thanks for reporting it.

The issue has been escalated to Wyze for them to look at when they get back in tomorrow.

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I have not tested this before. I updated to the Wyze 2.38.4(3) IOS app this morning. Just tested. Once you find the motion event of interest, you can go to landscape mode and use two fingers to stretch the motion event (in green). Once inside the emotion event you can move the motion event timeline back and forth to the area of interest. The 30 second forward or back seems to work for me and if it sticks then hit the 30 second button in rapid succession and see if that works. If the motion event ends, then the app wants to go to the next motion event and start displaying that one, etc.

I am using the Android app. When recording continuously, there are no breaks for motion events. Manipulation of the recorded timeline to move forward or backward is not being reported here as malfunctioning. That is simply an alternative workaround since the FF & RW 30 buttons are malfunctioning.

I just tested it again on a V3Pro. The FF & RW 30 buttons in portrait are still wonky. They worked once or twice, but mostly just moved around randomly in large blocks. The FF & RW buttons in landscape did nothing at all.

I tested again and agree with your findings. For my case if there is detected motion (green box around an image), then the FF & RW 30 buttons do not work properly, however, when there is no detected motion, then the FF & RW 30 buttons work for me making the timeline move forward or back 30 seconds as shown in the Wyze time tag.

I always have the green box turned off on all mine, and it still does not jump ahead or back 30s.
Android, both a Note 8 and Pixel 7 Pro.

Neither the 30 second forward or reverse skip works on Android playback for me (landscape or portrait).
Is this something that is fixed in a beta firmware on the V3 Pro?

I am on the Beta FW v. and the FF\RW buttons are not fixed in this version.

V3Pro Beta FW v. testing thread

The issue was reported as feedback in that thread: