Pan Cam V3 Playback Problem

I noticed today that the 30 second rewind and fast forward option does not seem to work properly in the Pan V3 screen of the Android app.

When I go into playback on my V3 and press the 30 second rewind, it jumped back 14 HOURS! When I pressed the FF 30 seconds, it went BACK another 14 hours.

I have duplicated this multiple times and it happens every time. Log #907966


Thanks for the log, Wyze is aware and working on it.

I will provide the log to Wyze


Thanks. I tested this on the OG Standard and it seems to be working fine there.

I don’t like this new UI that much. How the view mostly blocked when the rewind and FF options are displayed. I use those features a lot when I’m viewing playback and having the screen obscured like that makes it almost unusable.

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I meant to ask if this bug is in the production app or is it limited to beta? Also, when was it discovered? I didn’t see any other Beta topics that discussed this bug.

There were a few of us who noticed it. It may have been discussed some in Discord, but not sure.

Not sure if this 2xiats on Prod, my belief is yes.

I just tryed my 3 new cams v3 ptz and work fine

Are you on Android or iOS? My Android is still jumping back 14 hours for both the rewind and the FF. The app version is 2.39.0.b170.

All of our staff are using android

The current app there useing is v2.39.0(b170

Do a hard power cycle on all your equipment also clean up your cache in the app sign out of app power cycle your device sign in
Make sure your ios is up to date

Unplug the camera - check
Sign out of app - check
Clear app cache - check
Power off phone - check
Start everything back up, log into app - check
Test the rewind and FF function - FAIL, still jumps back exactly 14 hours for both options.

Same with me
Android Pixel 7 Pro
Android 13
Camera firmware

Try another android/apple product and go to your wyze account, all of our guys are useing samsung galaxy note 20 + which has alot of ram,and memory on board …i just showed our service technicians and he things it has 2 do with your phone the odds to have that many bad cameras not happening all of our guys said there on Android 13

V3 Pro has same problem. That, and because I see no real advantages to V3Pro over V3, I unplugged mine, partially because the video files are much bigger and I see no real improvment in quality. Lastly, I have a V3 looking thru a window screen and it does okay, whereas the V3 Pro it’s very mottled, thought it would be better, not worse.

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