Video playback timeline

Is there any way to scrub forward and reverse in the timeline and actually see the recorded video update? Right now all I can do is scroll the timeline and watch it in real time.


btw my video is stored on my local SD card

No there isn’t, and I doubt this would be possible because the video is not stored on your phone. The communication lag between input and output would be prohibitive.

You option right now is to record the video in real time during playback by tapping the Record button. Once it’s been recorded to the phone’s album, you can scan through it there.

Fast forward and fast reverse playback of the SD card video is coming.

But it’s stored on my SD card so that should be possible.

Its useless if you can’t scrub and see the video update as you do so.

It is stored on the SD card which is in the camera which communicates with the app on your phone over wifi, which has inherent lag. I think the fast forward/reverse is going to solve this issue for you, but you’ll have to wait for it to be released.

Another option is to remove the SD card from the camera and play it back on your computer using an app such as VLC which will let you fast forward and scrub (because the video would then be stored locally).


Any idea where I can track the progress of this fast forward idea?

My Nest cams let me scrub through the timeline exactly like OP wanted and it’s so much easier. So much so that I use nest to find the exact time something happened, then go to wyze and try to get it to playback that clip. I am sure Nest is doing a lot of compression and probably making images server side to enable this…but it’s nice and I’d pay for this in wyze

If you have the card recording set to Event Only, there are left/right buttons on the timeline that let you jump forward/back to each saved event.

To vote for the fast fwd function, visit the link below and click the VOTE button at the top of the page (you must click VOTE for your vote to count). You may also enter any other thoughts on this topic there.

How do we vote for the jump forward/back to the next/previous recordings (in event mode)…or how do I do that??..when I clock forward, it jumps 5minutes.