Jump from specific event to full playback recording

It would be great to highlight a 12 second event preview, press a button, and pop directly to that point on the playback recording timeline.

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Hello @ssmythe and welcome to the community

You will be glad to know in the latest app update that released 11/19 you can now do this. When looking at the event video there are 4 icons at the bottom, if you click on playback it will take you to that point in the micro SD recording


Thank you! Works perfectly.


I have an SD card inserted and set to Record Events Only. When tapping on Playback, it shows a timeline to select a certain span to view. Is that the video saved on my SD card??

On the EVENT tab off the home page, are those videos in the cloud? Is it the same video as what’s in the timeline under Playback.

I thought if I inserted an SD card, I would only be recording locally, and not into the cloud. I thought it’d be one or the other, not both.

I don’t understand the relationship between the Playback timeline videos and the Events tab videos. Seems like it’s related to this thread, so I posted here.

I’d be very grateful to someone if they could explain in simple terms. Thanks!

It does both, the cloud videos show under the events tab, when you click playback it takes you to that spot on the microSD card.

The events tab contains all the cloud videos.

When watching live view the view playback button goes to the microSD videos


Thank you Jason! That helps. I was confused because I thought it was either one or the other, not both. So GOOD of you to explain this in simple terms.

Do you know if the Events videos in the cloud are secure? I wouldn’t want to be spied on by the gov’t or anyone else. Got nothing to hide, but on the other hand, one of the reasons I installed the SD card was to keep video locally and not in the cloud. I would think that Wyze servers would be secured and encrypted, etc. Do you know?
Thanks again!

I am fairly certain they are secure but I do not know the specifics. Maybe @WyzeGwendolyn would know more than I would on that aspect.


OK Jason, I hope she see’s this post. I would just like to know how the data is secured, that’s all. Thanks!

They will definitely see the post, but maybe not until tomorrow


AWS cloud via end-to-end encryption

Security/Privacy and Data Encryption


Thank you…this is comforting to know. I am learning a lot on this forum!:+1:


You’re Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry I’m late! Looks like @StopICU33 beat me to giving you the information you needed. Thank goodness! :sweat_smile: