Wyze 3 event recording -pop up

A pop up appears when I go to playback stating that I need an SD card to record local events but I have recordings going to the cloud.
I don’t need an SD card.
View playback will automatically default to the pop up.
How do I get rid of it and return to regular cloud playback like I had initially?

Cloud events appear in the events tab on the home page. Playback is only for SD cards.

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YesI know but each time I go to “view playback” on the home page I get the pop up stating:

Micro SD card not found
You will need a Micro Sd card to view locally stored video
If you would like to use this feature you can purchase one from our shop.
I don’t need an Sd card since I am viewing from the cloud yet I still get this message. What am I missing here?

The “View Playback” bar is only visible from the “Live View” page when viewing real time live feed footage of that cam. Pressing this will only take you to uSD footage or the popup if no uSD is present.

The Home Tab, where your list of cams, groups and devices is present, will have an Events Tab between Home and Monitoring. That is what you need to press to view your cloud stored content (thumbnails\12s video\full length video\Smart AI events).

There has been an indication in other threads that a recent change caused some change in functions, but this is what is required to get to your Cloud Stored Events.

As mentioned, cloud recordings and Playback recordings are different. Cloud = Events tab. Playback button = SD card.


Awesome! Thanks for the help!

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