Include alert types or levels

I’d like to have footage of my pets at the end of the day to see what they’re up to when I’m away, but without being alerted every time they pass by the cam. However, I do want to get an alert if someone enters. It would be great to have a “record and alert” detection area on the door, and “record without alert” area on the floor. All with the same camera.

If I’m understanding your request, this already exists. Assuming you’re referring to SD card recording… the SD card recording does not observe the detection zone. Therefore, if you set a detection zone that on the door, you should get alerts only for that area, but still record all motion on the card (in Event Only mode).

Another alternative is to set the card for continuous recording. However, I understand that makes it hard to find time segments of interest. Here are two #roadmap topics that you might want to go vote for that will help with that. (You must click the VOTE button on each for your vote to count.)

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It sounds more like a two camera solution to me. One that simply records on events to catch the pet movement and another camera for the door that sends a “serious problem here” alert to the phone.

Ok, both points make sense. With thr sd card approach I’d get no alerts at all when the cats pass by, which is acceptable, but it’d be cool to still receive non-critical alerts if I wanted to

The two cams approch would be ok, but it might be overkill to mount to cams in a tiny apartment. In this case it’d be cool to have different notification types to differentiate one cam from the other so I don’t have a small heart attack every time I see the icon on my phone and it turns out to be just my cat passing by, hehe.

Thank you.

It’s another $20 to get what you’re asking for. A zone for your door and a zone for your pets. If buying two cameras is overkill at $20 each, then you have to weigh the value of the request. If a similar camera cost $40 and did two zones, would you buy it? Sure, it would be great if the camera did two zones, but there is a solution offered until it does.

After rereading RickO’s response, I can see where it would work. I was thinking event only recording was only activated by the detection zone, but if any movement in the camera’s view does record and the detection zone is only for alerts then it’s a go. I’ll have to test this out tonight.

Cool! I bet something nice will come out of this conversation.


Ah also, I’d like to clarify; by no means I’m putting in question the value of the product, 20 bicks is indeed a great deal. I don’t want my input to be misinterpreted as complains or demands. I enjoy the camera, I’m enthusiastic about the company, and I just had some ideas that might make it even cooler :slight_smile:



Ok, so playing around with mine. I reformatted the SD card (just because I never have), set the local storage to events only and reduced my detection zone to my nightime 20% of field so headlights will not false alarm me all night long. In my playback, I’m only getting recorded events inside my detection zone. Cars I can see in the Live Stream aren’t causing it to record. If I walk outside the detection zone, it stops recording after the minute is up. I don’t see this working for the OP’s pets unless they get a second camera.

Same here. Just working with what we have. I have an issue with car headlights flashing across my property being seen as movement. This could be solved by having a detection zone for the daytime and one for the night time, PIR or maybe vector based motion detection. Since these aren’t an option, I’m getting a second camera and just plan on scheduling one on during the day and the other at night. Each having its own zone and parameters. It’s not the perfect solution, but I think it will be the best solution given the current functionality. At $20 or $26 on Amazon, plus an SD card, I’m not going to complain. Just figure out how to make it work.

I’m seeing a lot of great feature requests here. Please don’t forget to vote for them in the Roadmap if you haven’t yet! Some of these are already posts. :slight_smile:

I’m going to tag someone from the dev side to see if they have anything to contribute. @WyzeLi?

So how does it work when there is a roadmap thread and you would like to expand on the idea? Is that a new roadmap thread that gets its own vote or do we just add comments and hope they get included?

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Just add comments to the same one. That way, the dev team can go through the whole discussion and get everyone’s feedback in one area. It makes it more likely that your input will be read and considered. :slight_smile:

I will just add to @Gwendolyn’s comment… if we see that the post on an existing thread is really a separate topic, we’ll split it out. On the other hand, if you feel strongly that your idea is different from existing #roadmap topics, you can submit a new topic. If we feel like it belongs as part of an existing topic, we’ll merge it in. The decisions about what goes in what #roadmap topic are ultimately up to the development managers. But no worries… it will all get sorted out.

I would love to see the design board where overlapping requests are mapped out, categorized and then hopefully assigned to teams. So many of these Roadmap threads are asking for the same thing or very close to it. Yes, I’ve seen RickO doing his magic merging threads. Great work! A lot to keep up with. I would also like to thank Wyze (the people that make up the company) for being this involved with their customers. That says a lot.

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Yeah, Rick is a machine. I’m still trying to learn how he does everything. I’m starting to get there. Merging is starting to become easier… :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a good thing I wrote that before I downloaded version 2.0. The company absolutely, without a doubt, proved me wrong. Had I seen the design board and at the top of the list was adding a BambiCam video section to the app, instead of FIXING the functionality and flow of the app, I would have taken a different approach or simply walked away. Nor would I have more cameras sitting in gift bags. Oh well, they can return them. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate what Rick and Rush do, but from what I’ve seen on the Community board, NOBODY thought adding BambiCam videos to the app was a priority, or even a need. Roadmap? How many votes did “Add a BambiCam Section to the app” get? Or a Buy more stuff section? No, Roadmap seems to be a giant pacifier for the user community. You can feel like they listen, but don’t expect anything.

I was a little suspicious when the outdoor/weatherproof camera started to sound like they were reinventing the trail cam, but with the BambiCam section added to the app, it makes more sense. Instead of resolving issues users were reporting with the existing camera base for headlights, clouds, leaves, zones, etc., they were, well, reinventing a battery powered trail cam, or BambiCam. Now, with v2.0, we know where the resources were allocated and it wasn’t to user complaints or Roadmap voted on needs.

I know, they want to market what the cameras can do. They want you to buy more product. Fix existing issues? Not so much. RTSP? 545 votes in one thread. PC viewing? Think again. This also makes me more suspicious of the answers on the analytic data being collected. What, or who is the product here?

Now, where’s that information on flashing the firmware? I seriously need to study my options.

@OverWatch Thanks for sharing your feedback. I work with the app team and here’s to give some insights. We do go over the Roadmap section and include it in our planning session. However, the main bottleneck is resources. First, our team is very small and we have very limited resources so the velocity is not as fast as we wanted it to be.

Second, our team members are experts on different areas so it is not that easy to shift resources around. For example, our team members who are working towards front-end app experience is not the same as those who are working on firmware, cloud or Google integration.

Third, some requests may require a different approach. A good example of this is detection zone control. The reason why this is being requested is due to false positives from trees moving. However, if we have a good AI detection, we can ask the camera to reduce the detection of such objects and put more emphasis on people or other more important events. So we have to make hard choices between offering a direct manual solution or think of a longer-term approach.

We also need to balance current requests with big ideas to grow, offer more services and products so a lot of the changes that you see are steps toward those goals. I can’t say much about future products but take for example Shop. Once we have the platform ready, we can reuse the features (such as payment, checkout, etc.) to offer willing customers an easier way to purchase additional cloud storage. This section can also be extended to show upcoming products, give earlier access, and collect feedback from beta users. When we connect everything together, members can order and receive beta products, test it, and report bugs directly in-app with device logs submitted. As a result, we can operate more effectively.

Finally, we need to give room for experiments and new ideas. The Discover feature (I believe this is what you mean by BambiCam) is in its first version. I personally consider this as just a prototype, but the range of what we can do here is almost limitless, we can show tips and tricks, tutorials, troubleshooting guides, news from Wyze, etc. Some people just like the idea of a social feature, but I see this as more of a direct line between the Wyze team and the community within the app. This is the section that we paid the least attention to in this release, which is pretty obvious due to lack of features. We decided to roll this out as we think about making this more useful on the next release. This did not impact any progress on other camera development.

Admittedly, we have not done a good job explaining why these new features just suddenly pop up and what’s going on with the other requested ones. We also had several meetings internally and we acknowledge this seeming lack of cohesiveness, but we decided to make progress incrementally in all areas vs. waiting to build the perfect machine. It’s somewhat a “wait and see” approach which may cause frustration to some but rest assured that we are considering all factors to ship requests, thrive as a company, and offer new features.

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Mark, thanks for responding. I do understand limited resources, which is why I’m so shocked at adding new features verses addressing clear issues brought forth by the community within the same user front end. Unfortunately, my resources are tapped out today with Christmas and all and I just popped in to thank you for the response.