Fast forward on playback

It is very tedious trying to find what triggered the camera especially if the recording is long on my SD card. A fast forward would really be nice on v1. Otherwise a great system, just ordered more v2 cameras. I like you can expand the time line with a swipe but it does not help on long recordings.


I agree with the suggestion for FF.

You might want to try changing from continuous to record alerts only for the SDcard. Eliminates all the “nothing happening” time. It is not limited by duration or interval like the uploaded cloud clips are.

I’ve always had recording set to Continuous on each of my 3 cameras. Probably sounds like a silly question, but if I were to change it to record on Alerts only, must I also setup alerts (motion &/or sound, low/medium/high, time period, etc.) on each camera (I assume the answer is yes). In other words, if I have all alerts toggled off nothing would ever be recorded to the microSD cards? I guess what I’d like would be a way to record alerts “silently” without notifications popping up on my iPad all the time.

I think if you go to alert settings and set the schedule for only a minute, you will only get alerts for that one minute…I think

Interesting question… I immediately thought your presumption would be correct that with no alerts turned enabled in the Settings > Alerts tab, then nothing would get recorded to the card if set to Alerts Only. After all, what would it be using as alert trigger? Motion, sound, smoke alarm? They are all off, how would it choose?

But… then I tested by turning off all alerts (motion, sound, smoke and CO) for a camera. Turned on Alerts Only for card recording. Then waited about 8 minutes and checked playback. Sure enough, video is still being recorded to the card. That would seem to imply that recording alerts only to the card has its own set of criteria unrelated to the settings in the cameras Alert Settings tab. Very strange, inconsistent and confusing. But not unprecedented, as witnessed by the how time-lapse download and playback is handled very differently than regular card playback.

I don’t have a camera set up right now where there is absolutely no chance of motion or sound to test if it every stops recording to the card in this mode. Will have to wait overnight for that.

But to answer your basic question, you can have the cloud alerts enabled but stop notifications from appearing on your iPad in two ways:

  1. In the Wyze app's Notifications tab, tap the gear icon upper right. There you can turn off all push notifications, or
  2. In the iPad's Settings app, go to Notifications > Wyze. There you can totally disable notifications. Or if you want, for example, turn off all banners, but allow them to still show on lock screen and/or history. There are a whole bunch of options that will let you just how much notification you want. Note: if you want some level of notifications (eg. just showing the in the history for example) make sure you leave the switch in the Wyze app itself turned on.

In my testing above, I also set the schedule to 3am to 3:01am and I am still getting recording to the card in Record Alerts Only mode.

Interesting … well, what do you know. I wonder what the “Record alerts only” criteria are. Hopefully someone from Wyze will see this and explain. Thanks for the tips re: turning off notifications.

I agree, it seems that even with record motion only, it always records to the SD card, weird.

The SD card recording is a totally separate feature comparing to your cloud alert upload. Even if you turn off motion/sound alert in the ‘Alert Settings’ page, you can still record on SD card by turning on ‘Local recording on SD card’.

Yes, we know there is a need for fast forward. The feature is planned in our future releases. Thanks!

In addition to adding a Fast Forward button (and Rewind and Pause I assume), I’d like to see a button that immediately advances to the next alert event in the timeline, assuming of course you have “Record alerts only” selected and there are gaps in the timeline to skip over.


We have pause already in V1.2. We will have fast forward but rewind is a TBD. Our current design may not allow us to do rewind easily. I don’t want to over-promise-but-not-deliver. I depends on our resource and other priorities. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply. What about my idea of a button that would advance (skip over non-recorded space) to the next alert event in the timeline?


We will consider that. Thanks!

How is there no fast forward already? That’s really frustrating.

I have an alert video of a USPS package being delivered to my house. When I got home the package wasn’t there. None of the alert videos captured throughout the day show what happened to it. Is there really no way for me to find out what happened without sitting there and watching the whole day from the time it was delivered till the time i got home in real time???

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What you can do is remove the card and ussing a card reader review the videos on a computer using any programme.

a bit cumbersome but it works

I recently had a porch pirate steal, ironically, my second Wyze camera from a box on my porch. My other Wyze camera is point to the walkway, but there is no way to quickly scan to see all the motion events. The Nestcam puts indicators on the timeline so you know when motion events occurred. Both fast forward and motion annotations would be helpful to find useful events. This is impossible to navigate when I’m recording everything to the SD card.

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You can remove the Sim card and play it on another computer with video software and then use the fast forward function. You need to have a SIM card reader. It’s a bit cumbersome but it works

Yea, I know that the post I’m replying to is several weeks old…

Assuming that you can see the package on your existing camera, repeatedly scroll forward a bit (let’s say a half hour) and see if it’s still there. When you get to it not being there, split the difference. Repeat until you watch the porch pirate. That will take no more than a couple minutes to go through the entire day. If you can’t see the package, that obviously does not work.

BTW, that’s the reason that I have EVERYTHING shipped to work - nothing gets left on the porch at home…


It was kind of a pain, but I ended up removing the SD card and exporting the files to my computer. I put each hour into a playlist in VLC (How to Play Multiple Videos in VLC | Small Business - and then watched it at 5.0x speed. I ended up finding the thief of my Wyze cam by using my Wyze cam – very meta. The porch pirate video is attached. Anyone know this jerk?

Hi, any progress on this?