Timestamps for motion

I have a wyze cam with continuous recording and would like to get timestamps of motion (ideally clips of the motion) from historical recordings. Is there any software that can do this? I’ve been trying to manually look while at 8x speed but it takes a while.

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Are you thinking of a feature like this?

What are you doing this through? Currently the fast forward only works in app when watching your camplus recordings, not local storage recordings, a different operation. Are you pulling the card and watching the files on the computer?

I currently take out the microSD, copy the files onto my computer and use VLC to play all videos in a folder at 8x speed

yes, a feature like this would be helpful for future events, however, I was wondering if the people on the forum knew of any tools that could be used to detect motion in video files I already have since I have a couple folders of video files that i copied off the microsd and I was looking for events like when package was delivered

I use my motion clips to know where to view the playback. The playback has the timestamp so I know where to go

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