Play back - speed up

Camera recordings.
When I go into “SD-Card” to browse the recordings, how do I set the playback speed to e.g. x2, x4, x10

Currently you can’t, this is only an option for camplus motion cloud events.

An option is to take the card out and play the clips on a computer in VLC or another player that has the option of fast forward (or RR).

There is an existing wishlist requesting this for Wyze devices. Give it a vote in support!


Thanks for answer.
Cloud payment is the price for all my camera’s or only one ?

Cam plus records for the duration of motion, whereas with the SD card recording you can either do events only, which is a series of one minute clips that cover the duration of motion, or continuous recording 24/7.

Cam plus licenses are one per camera. There is a “cam plus unlimited” out there as well, which is actually 99 licenses. If you have more than about 5-6 cameras and want licenses for all, the unlimited plan is financially cheaper.