Using Cam Plus along with SDcard

Noob here!

I signed up for Cam Plus but I also have an SDcard in the Pan device.

When the Pan detects motion or sound, does it record BOTH on the SD and in the Cam Plus cloud?

We set the SD to continuous record, On.

Just trying to understand if there will be continuous recordings on the SD and Cam Plus cloud.

Have read through lots of threads here and the FAQ blogs but couldn’t get clarity.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Cordcutters and welcome to the community.

The recording to the cloud and to the SD card are separate items. First the SD card, with your setting (continuous record) it will record 24/7 to the SD card, to view the videos there, from the live view you would select the view playback button. This will access the SD card video.

The CamPlus, under the settings for the cam you will want detects motion and detects person both on. This will NOT record continuous to the cloud. What this will do is when the cam detects motion it will record the entire motion event and transfer it to the cloud. It will also be checked for a person being in it. These videos will be found under the Events tab at the bottom of the app.

I hope this helped answer your questions.


Okay got it! I think the confusion was where the SD recordings are located and where the cloud recordings are located. Thank you for clarifying!

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You are welcome

I can’t transfer camplus because my it is only recognizing the cam I have it on. Also, it states that I don’y have an sd card in when I do!!?? what’s up, I was very enthused with wyze but I don’t appreciate that you have no phone to call in. May have to return product. Even sorry ring takes calls.

Welcome to the Wyze forum Showmoor. :+1: For future reference, unless you’re sure that your questions/issues are the same as the original poster’s, you’re better off starting a new topic instead of piggybacking on to an existing post. That makes your questions/issues easier for fellow Wyze users to find, follow and respond to.

If you have only 1 subscription to Cam Plus currently running on a cam, you need to remove the subscription from that cam before transferring the subscription to another cam. “remove” does not mean delete, it means un-assign. Let us know if you need help doing this. What type of Wyze cam are you trying to reassign Cam Plus to?

What type/model of Wyze cam are you trying to use with an SD card?
What size SD card are you attempting to use?

You can reach out to Wyze Customer Support at:
1 (844) 999-3226 or (206) 339-9646
Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

You can also submit questions and issues electronically via:

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I am using the type of SD card that comes in phones. Is there another type I need to use? If so then wyze needs to be more specific on what to use and how to insert it. Please let me know. Thank you