Wyze cam pan stopped recording video on SD

All 3 Wyze cam pans v1 stopped recording video on SD & now they only takes snapshots. I didn’t sign up for the cloud storage, but I still want to view video saved on my SD cards which seems videos are no longer saved to be viewed by WiFi.

Hello @joebana, the snapshots are under the Events tab, your micro SD card recordings can be found by going to the cam’s live view and tapping on ‘View Playback’.


Exactly the problem. I’m getting snapshots but no video. There is no video automatically being recorded to the SD 's by all my Wyze V1 cameras. Only snapshots are available. This happened when they discontinued the cloud storage unless you pay. I can manually push record which works & plays back by pushing Album & get video from my SD.
BTW: TY for your quick reply… Appreciated

Motion events are always saved in the cloud, and without cam plus lite it will be images. The sd card is only for manual recordings or continuous recording.

So would they purposely stop auto video recording to SD without the cloud storage forcing you to pay for the cloud storage? I can’t believe they would do an unscrupulous thing like that.

I have a PanCam V1. Regardless of what subscription plan you are on, if any, recording to the uSD card in the cam is NOT affected by your subscription status.

The Events Tab is completely and totally separate from the uSD recording function.

Since you are getting only snapshots, it sounds like you are on the Basic plan. CamPlus Lite would have 12s video and CamPlus would have full length video in the Events Tab.

When you open the Event Thumbnail, you can go directly to your recorded uSD footage for that exact time by clicking the Disk Playback icon at the bottom of the screen and you will be taken to the uSD recorded footage.

Alternatively, if you open the cam into Live View, the View Playback bar will take you to the uSD footage.

In your settings, the Event Recording and Notifications settings ONLY apply to the Event Tab Cloud Thumbnail recordings. Not the uSD recordings.

The settings for the uSD recording are in the Advanced Settings Menu and essentially only allow you to choose Continuous or Motion Only.

EDIT: also, whatever video resolution you have set in the top left green square of the live view (HD, SD, 360p) will be the resulting resolution of the uSD recorded video. The higher the resolution, the more disk space used which lowers your total time span age of stored video.

Hope this helps!

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Adding into what SlabSlayer said, cam plus lite includes 12 second event videos and person detection. Its a pay whatever you want, as low as $0