Cam Plus with Pan Cam

I have Cam Plus subscription with my living room Pan V2 camera. Currently I have no SD card in the camera though. My understanding was with Cam Plus, events would still be recorded to the cloud. I have tried filtering events with the Wyze app but don’t see any events listed. Do I need a SD card with the camera as well?

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You don’t need an SD card with Cam Plus. Make sure the camera is set to record.

I have event recording turned on when detecting motion, but it’s still not recording. I also filtered events with the camera has that Cam Plus and it says nothing to see here. The last event that showed up for that camera was on 8-17-20. It’s in my living room, so it should definitely be recording daily.

Try removing/canceling CamPus then reinstalling it.

I just removed CamPlus then reactivated it. My motion sensitivity setting is at 39. Should I raise it some?

I’d try putting into 100 for testing. Then you can put it down to 50 and test again. After you could bring it down more if you need to.

I had to delete the device and add it again. I activated the Cam Plus for the camera and everything is working now. I’m able to see events now.