Events-Cam v3 vs. Cam Pan v3

Probably a very simple issue, but …

My Cam v3 has an SD card. But when I use my Wyze app to check the rooms, unlike with the Pan v3 in another room, the Cam v3 does not have a “RECENT EVENTS” at the bottom of the app screen. All I see is “View Playback.” When I select View Playback I see a highlighted region in the time bar but that’s at the present time.

There was activity in the room with the Cam v3 but I can find no recording of it. As I scroll to the time when the activity took place I see “No video selected at this time.”

Can someone explain this to me, please?

Are both the v3 and Pan v3 assigned to a Cam Plus account?

I have an unlimited Cam Plus account. How do I know if both are assigned?

At the bottom of the App click on Account - Services, then select Cam Plus and check that all cameras are Assigned. If not, you should be able to add it while at that screen.

Both cameras show up as “Available cameras.” There is an empty check box next to each. I put a check mark in both. Nothing seems to have changed in the app. ???

From the Home Screen select the problem v3 and click the Gear to get into Settings and look at Event Recording. I use Cam Plus Lite but here is how my page looks.

Yes, mine shows “Record motion events” as on and also “Record sound events” as on. Object detections included “Person.”

Also, the Camera SD card shows information on it. How would I access that information?

With your v3 assigned to Cam Plus and Record Motion on it should be recording motion to the Cloud. If this was working properly, you should be able to click Playback while watching a Cloud video and be taken to the SD card.

I would now try clearing the App Cache, go to Account - App Settings and click Clear. Maybe also try logging out and back into the App.

Are you referring to the different camera interfaces? The regular V3 has the old camera interface, where the V3 pan has the newer interface that shows cloud events on the camera live view page? The V3 and any camera released before it have the old interface, and any camera after the V3 has the new interface.

Look at the screenshots at the start of this wish list. Is this what you’re talking about?

If you want to view the cloud events on the V3, click on the events tab in the app do show all the cloud events, you can filter to show only the v3s by clicking the filter icon at the top.


@ Omgitstony, I looked at the wish list image. I don’t see anything that looks like that. I scrolled back to the time of the motion event. This is what I see on the app.

@StevenA , I did clear the cache. This may be beyond your imagination but I don’t even know how to log out of the app.

But, I think I am making some progress, because I went back to the home screen and clicked on Events at the bottom. I saw that only the Panv3 had been selected so I clicked on 1 camera and added the Cam v3. Now I saw an image of my person but when I clicked on that Cam v3 only a still image came up. Below the image appears a video progress bar but there is no video, and to the right it shows 00.00/00.00.

When I click on the ? Help, the message box “Failed to upload” came up with three suggestions" 1) WiFi signal strength … (that’s good), 2) Submit log … 3) If you are using a microSD card, open playback to view the video. That does not work. I have submitted a log.

I also notice now at the top of the Events screen an icon that looks like an SD card. It seems to be filling in (repeatedly). Clicking on that takes me to a thumbnail show of the motion event.

There seems like a lot to learn, and if there’s a User’s Manual describing all this stuff I have never seen it. Maybe there is an expectation to just keep trying things without any instructions, and hence this forum exists?

There is the Support site that has a lot of knowledge articles that outline device features, with some faqs and troubleshooting assistance.

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@Omgitstony I appreciate your pointing that out. So, in my particular problem, I found the description * My Wyze Cam v3 only shows images, not video recordings.. The solution was antithetical to the heading “If you have Cam Plus,” your Cam Plus expired. I have Cam Plus and it has not expired, so their solution does not apply. Argh!

Are all your cams listed in CP? If not scroll to the bottom and add the cam.

Yes, they are all listed.

Bottom of the Account page there is a Log Out button.