Cam v3 PRO - only get option to see Recent Events

Hi, I have a few v3 cameras and they record continuously to an SD card and I can click view playback and see all the video stored

Just purchased a V3 pro, SD card works and set to continuously record too, but I only get Recent Events - and 15s of video.

I have the subscription for full recording and playback for all my cams,
Firmware was updated today on all
SD card was reformatted before writing this, and I see it’s already used 0.2g of video so it’s recording

Just unable to see it…

I wanted to see my awesome snow skid turn getting out of my driveway, it was impressive!!

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @callum!

The recent events are actually the Cloud Recorded Events that are also showing in the Events Tab. Since they are 15s long, I will assume you have CamPlus assigned to this cam. That is all the longer the motion events were for those videos saved to the cloud.

The SD Card Playback video is accessed using the SD Card button in the icon bar.


Hi! Thanks so much, the UI has changed though between my v3 and v3 pro I missed the SD memory button!
I have CamPlus for all my devices, it’s just different in my Pro. I expected them all to behave the same way.
Darned pity I formatted the card so I couldn’t see my epic skid turn :frowning: :slight_smile:

Many thanks again!!