Difference between Camv2 and Camv3 both with SD card

I have found a very big difference between Cam V2 and V3 when SD cards are installed in both. The cam V2 allows you to view events as if no card is installed which is preferred. The V3 only plays events back in the timeline, which many have discussed on here has all kinds of problems from not pin pointing event time to allow accepting etc.

Since it is unlikely that you fix the timeline playback, could you at least allow v3 cameras to play back events in the 12 second clips first and then go to timeline if we want more?

I’m not understanding what you are asking. The V2 and V3 behave exactly the same for uSD card playback and Events (cloud based) playback. I have over a dozen of each (all with uSD card set to continuous recording and CamPlus). The newer V3 Pro and V3 Pan are different because they use the “New” User Interface.

Do you have CamPlus (any variety) on the cameras? If yes, which variety?’

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The Events Tab plays “Events” that have been uploaded to the cloud. When viewing these Events, they are being streamed from the Wyze server to your App.

At the bottom of the Event Viewer, there is a “View Playback” bar. That button, as well as the Playback SD Card Icon in the Live Stream, will take you to the video that was saved to the SD Card.

They are totally separate video files saved to two separate locations… for both cams.

Both cams are subject to the same subscription restrictions pertaining to uploaded Event video. No subscription gets no video, only a snapshot image. Cam Plus Lite gets a 12s video upload. Cam Plus gets full length video and no cooldown.

Both cams have the same App UI.

I have no can plus subscriptions.

I have two V2 cams with SD cards. I have two V3 cams with SD cards.

When I get an event alert on the V2 cams, I play event and it shows a 12 second recording. It also has the view playback button that takes me to the viewable timeline.

When I get an event alert on the V3 it does not offer the 12 second video, it just shows the playback button which likewise take me to the timeline, usually just pay when the event happened.

Maybe they are not different on your 8 cameras but they are on mine.

I would recommend that you do not make any drastic changes to your V2 cams. If you do, they will likely loose the 12s video events.

About 17 months ago, Wyze changed their subscription plans. Cams that are not subscribed to Cam Plus Lite or Cam Plus were no longer eligible to get Video Events. They only get a Thumbnail Snapshot like your V3 cams are getting.

Your two V2 cams are currently carrying the legacy setup from before this change occured. If you do a new Setup on those cams or delete and reinstall them, or even possibly a firmware update, the server is likely to catch it, correct it, and change them to Thumbnail Snapshots.

But, if you would like to get the 12s video on the V3 cams and secure it for the V2 cams so they don’t loose it, you can subscribe to Cam Plus Lite which gives you the 12s video and adds Person Detection AI. When subscribing, you can change the suggested price to $0.00. It is a “Name your own price” plan. One subscription covers every cam you own.

As soon as I read your second paragraph, I realized that you had OLD V2s. Agree with what SlabSlayer said about not changing them or add CamPlus Lite.

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Also, if you are new to Cam Plus Lite, cameras newer than the v3 are not supported on Lite. Here is a list of cameras that will work on Cam Plus Lite.

I have two other, old, V2 cameras that do not have memory cards. They currently also give me 12 sec videos. Are your dating that those also could lose the 12 sec video if updated?

I have updated all the cameras many times and have not lost any of this so maybe I signed up for the no cost lite initially.

Also if signing up for Cam plus lite now, would the V3 cameras get the 12 second videos or was that not offered on those?

I only have v3 cameras (Not the v3 Pro) and all work on Cam Plus Lite. I get 12 second Cloud Event videos stored on Wyze servers for 14 days. Person AI detection only. Once a v3 records Motion there is a 5 minute cool down period until it will record again which is why I use SD cards in all my v3 cameras set to Continuous Recording.

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Go to your Account page in the lower right of the app and then select Services.

On the top banner, select Cam Plus Lite. If you do have a Cam Plus Lite subscription, it will show there. If it is there, you can add all of your V2 and V3 cams to the subscription.

Having an SD Card in the cam has no affect on the 12s upload or the Cam Plus Lite subscription.

If you do not have a Cam Plus Lite subscription, follow the instructions in the link above to get Cam Plus Lite. Be absolutely sure you log into the Wyze Website with the same email address you use to log into your App.

If you want it to be free, when it suggests a price, enter your own custom amount of $0.00

Once the Cam Plus Lite subscription is secured, it will show up in your Account>Services page. You may have to close and reopen the app for it to populate. Once it shows under the Cam Plus Lite banner, you can add all your V2 and V3 cams to the subscription as well as any other cam models listed in the compatibility list @StevenA linked above.

One subscription covers every compatible cam you own.


This was exactly the case. I was unaware I had Cam plus lite and after adding the v3 cameras to it, they now get the 12 second preview! Thank you very much!


Awesome! So glad you found a solution!