Wyze App - Uniform Live Stream and SD Playback user interface across all cam models

I just purchased a Cam v3 and am disappointed that the SD Playback interface from the SD Card does not match the Cam OG interface.

The Cam OG SD Playback interface’s vertical layout and the icons for movement and sound are a great little feature.

The Cam v3 SD Playback interface is horrible with its horizontal scroll you cannot see anything.

Please update the SD playback interface for all camera types to match the new Cam OG layout. The interface should be uniform across all Wyze camera models.

Pics attached:

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There was a consistent UI (except required camera specific additions such as pan controls on pan cameras). Wyze has developed a new UI which essentially is being tested on a couple of camera models and will be migrated to all the cameras once the new UI is finalized (still a few tweeks to it based on user feedback). At least that’s the way I understand it.

BTW, personally I prefer the old UI.

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The new UI is growing on me. :grin: Once you have navigated to the desired date, you can see the old UI by turning your phone/tab to horizontal/landscape orientation.


I would love to see all cams on the same UI, or at the very least have the same feature options available on all cams with the same Settings Menu options and UI when they have those features available. Even the new UI is missing options for some cam versions.

But, as has already been mentioned, totally reprogramming the UI for all the older cams is much like retrofitting all new features on an old car. It just isn’t financially feasible.


Integrate new Cam Pan v3 user interface to other Wyze cam types

The new Cam Pan v3 user interface is great. Makes it much easier to go back and view old recordings from the SD card. Having that interface on the standard Cam v3 (and other cam types) would be great.

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The new interface on the OG is trash. Doesn’t look like you can scroll through like you can on the V3.

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You can scroll the timeline of the SD Playback. It’s just vertical instead of horizontal. Much better for one handed mobile phone use.

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This. Any updates here? It is frustrating going from cam to cam and having to remember the flow of the cam that I’m on. In addition to those already mentioned here, some cams require a tap before zooming and panning on the video, while other cams don’t have this prerequisite. Would be great if all UI behaved/looked the same at a basic level.

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I disagree that the OG experience is better. Not being able to scroll when in “full-screen” mode makes finding exact events very difficult.

There are several things that are not (and never have been) possible when in landscape mode. You mentioned just one of them…

And as I have said a number of times, I am not overly fond of the new UI.

Agreed the New UI must improve on something. It does not improve anything. @SlabSlayer its the same for one handed user, you scroll up and down or left and right. The Main thing the Old UI has is you can see more visually in history and it can show the symbols for Sound and motion. New UI is a sliderbar. You cant quickly find events