Cam v3 Pro - Revert to old V3 Playback UI

Playback UI design problems on Cam v3 Pro

  1. In V3 Pro Playback Mode it is impossible to view a specific time 2 or 3 min before or after of an event. The timeline cursor just jumps to the event and plays it automatically within this timeframe. This creates a 5 or 6 min dead spot around every event where only the event can be viewed.

  2. In V3 Pro Playback Mode the Play, Pause and 30sec FF RW buttons are now overlaid on the video screen with the overlay dimming the picture. This makes using these feature very awkward and difficult. First it obscures the video you’re trying to search by dimming it and having the button right in the middle of the picture. Second you have to touch the video to show the menu, then touch again to let’s say advance 30sec then you have to touch the video again to bring the menu back up to advance another 30 sec. All the while the video is dimmed then brightened repeatedly. It’s probably okay if you just want to advance once, but it’s miserable tying to search a video with the 30 sec advance feature. Plus you run into problem 1 above if you’re searching near an event. The old interface had the feature buttons below the video and was much easier to operate from a user perspective.

Sadly, I am probably going to have to replace my v3 Pro with my old v3 until this gets fixed. This is unfortunately because I like the v3 Pro otherwise especially the improved resolution.

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I’m going to have to agree with your statements here. Why does the pro version have a completely different interface than the other cameras? And it is impossible to see the time in the replay leading up to a recorded event. Please fix this, Wyze.

I totally agree with these comments. Having the dead zone in the timeline where the video just snaps to the event makes it almost useless. To make matters even worse, if you have multiple events near each other in the timeline, all you can do is snap between them.

As mentioned, the 30-sec skip does the same thing, so that’s not a workaround for the problem.

Bottom line, there needs to be some way of eliminate that snap or playback is pretty useless.

Well, after messing around with the timeline more you can zoom in using two fingers so that does alleviate some of the issue; however if you get close to scrubbing near the event, say around 20 seconds it snaps to when the event started. The only way around this is to scroll back far enough and watch it up until the events starts; that is, unless there is back to back events in a short amount of time. To fix this whole mess there should be a toggle button on the right of the play head with “snap on” “snap off”.

Saw this new UI today with v3 Pro, I do not find it useful at all,

Agreed. I have about 25 Wyze cams ranging from V2, V3, Outdoors, Pan1’s and 2’s and two V3 Pros. This issue drives me crazy and is why I just purchased another V3 instead of another Pro because too often there’s an event near what I want to see and it’s no fun having to start a couple minutes back and wait for it to get to what I want to see. I also completely skipped buying cams as Christmas gifts this year because I really want to use and gift the Pros. I hope this gets resolved soon. I love the cams but the playback needs some attention.

I also agree that the older interface met my needs better. And I really think you need to add a way for end users to adjust the sensitivity of the Cam V3 Pro. It’s so dark compared to my Cam V3. It offers better resolution but at the cost of darker less useful images. I have to say I was quite disappointed when activating the V3 Pro and looking at side by side images of the V3 and V3 Pro. Some very clear improvements but overall the losses outweighed the gains.

I prefer the playback on the V3 original too. The V3 Pro playback is cumbersome. The image quality is not as good as I expected it would be either. Hopefully this can be fixed in the App and/or firmware.

I would also prefer the older UI. I don’t like the clumsy finger-scrolling of the v3 interface when reviewing playback.