Speed Up Play Back

I am replacing an old camera system with Wyze. My very old system allowed me to speed up playback 2X, 4X, 8X. Which really helps speed through each event. It would be nice if the Wyze cameras did this also rather than sitting through second by second. The slide bar is too difficult to use with fingers on a phone.

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The Events Viewer\Player in the Wyze App already has this feature.

It has a button that can be pressed to toggle between 1X, 2X, and 4X speed.

Slab did a good explanation of the cloud events viewer that has ff and rewind, on the off chance that it’s the SD card playback that you want to play back at speeds, this is not currently possible. You could take the SD card out of the camera and watch the recorded files on a Computer and use your video player of choice to fast fowrard/fast back.

There is a wishlist requesting this you can vote for to support.

I found it! Thank you!!!

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I found the fast forward but didn’t know it wouldn’t work with the SD card, hopefully that will change at some point because that is what I was looking at originally. Good information. I will vote to increase it to 10X. Thank you.

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