SD Card Storage usage notification


I am not able to find any option that will notify me when the storage is about to be 100% usage.
It will be great to have a feature which notifies about the storage usage based on the thresold set and also do i want to stop recording or keep recording and over write data.

If these features are already available please update this post.

thank you

FYI, once a wishlist item is created, you can vote on it yourself. Unless you don’t want to vote on your own wishlist topic. :slight_smile:

I’d vote for it except my cards never stay alive long enough for it to matter. :wink:

The thing with that is, once a card reaches ~100% it stays at that level and just starts overwriting itself.
It would be either alerting continually or never alerting.

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Thanks you informed that. New to this forum. :+1:

In that case, if we are able to set threshold to have notification will be nice. Example, I’ll like to get notify when card is 80% full so i can either let it overwrite or have setting to stop recording after it reaches 100%.

Some card usage notification is needed.

Well, it would also help if that video could be offloaded from the card without having to remove it. There is a wishlist item for that (SMB or FTP).

Agree, as all camera are not easily physical accessible. :+1: