I want the ability to download the entire contents of micro SD card to my PC

The video and events are difficult to view in the phone app. There is no ability to fast forward while watching the video. You have to watch the whole video clip to see if someone set off the motion detector. My solution? I want to download the entire Micro SD card to my Desktop where I can use a different video player.

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So don’t a lot of us.
Research BEFORE I bought showed this wasn’t possible.
At one time they were going to build a NAS.
My work arounds are using a Micro SD to Micro SD Extension Cable or swapping SD cards.

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I was under the presumption that all micro SD cards could be utilized using an adapter that fits into the computer??

I like that. I suppose I could see if there is anything on the sd card sticking out of my desktop and swap that out. Thanks for the idea.

Can you tell me what is a good video player to use for this? A few years ago I used VLC for everything,

I use vlc on my computer to view clips from my cards.

But the problem I was attempting to solve was getting the microSD card out from the camera without moving a V2 camera mounted with a certain view.
The extension cable I linked to lets me relatively easily swap the cards without disturbing the camera.

Yes, thank you. I took me a while to reset my camera after getting the card out. I have the cable you suggested ordered from Walmart. It should be here this week.