Anybody using a Micro SD to Micro SD Extension Cable?

Those microSD cards are often a pain to access. Can anybody recommend an extension cable?

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Hey Gemniii,

I haven’t tried a micro SD cable but the only purpose I could see them for is for preventing theft of the micro SD card. Having a hard time getting it out isn’t too bad, the bulky cable would be worse.


I too would like to know if an SD extension cable would work. I am mounting a camera rather high up and I don’t want to climb on a ladder when I want to access it.

I’m using them for short extensions (6") so I can EASILY pull the card. I don’t know if a longer one would work. Wyze is very sensitive w/ SD cards.
I’ve 2 cams mounted with faces velcro’ed on a window. I fold the cable under them. There was a time I was capturing time-lapse but the app was broke so I had to pull the files off the cards.

Thanks gemniii. I appreciate the quick response