Recommended Shortest USB cable for Wyze Cam 3 w/ Source

The power outlet is right next to where I want to put the Wyze Cam 3, lucky me. Anyone have a source or recommendation for the shortest cable or adapter that will work between the power adapter and the female connector on the Wyze Cam 3? I would like to not have to bundle up 10 feet of cable between the camera and the outlet.

Ideally, I am looking for a 3 to 6-inch flat ribbon cable in white White USB-A Male to USB Micro B Male. Or a converter/adapter plug in white to do the same thing.

My Google and Amazon searching doesn’t seem to be working very well so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Welcome to the Wyze community @StevePierce!
Are you using this outside? I’m not sure if the cables I’ve linked will be best for outside.
This one should work:

There’s also a black version that costs less:

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This came up about 2 years ago when I wanted to “gang” several V2’s together. IIRC Monoprice had a decent selection.


Hi Briepage,

This is for an indoor location. Thanks for sending me the link that was very kind.

I am hoping to find something much shorter, like 3 to 6 inches or even better an adapter plug.

Great suggestion about Monoprice, I will check there.

(5) 7" white cables. Round not flat.

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You want short? Why not just use the V3’s existing pigtail cable? Either cut it and splice a regular connector or use something like

Or don’t cut a thing and use this handy little dongle to plug between the pigtail and your power adapter.

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I needed a very short cable myself, as I have one connected to a portable phone charger. I use this setup as a portable camera to monitor places as needed, and where there are no nearby outlets.

I got mine from one of the dollar stores in town; no shipping charges, no shipping headaches, no waiting.

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