3-4 inch cable

I need 3-4 inch compatible cables for the wyze cam. I will be taping the cameras right next to the outlets facing down since I need them for the bridge and not for vision. I cannot find any cables on amazon that are compatible and this short.

Any suggestions?

How about this ? :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. This might actually be the best solution. I was planning to replace the outlet with one that has a usb plug in the side so I can leave the plugs open.

Do you think they sell the short cables in packs? I really do not need the mount.

I see some 6 inch and 4 inch

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I did see these, but do you think the end is circular enough to fit into the back of the cam?

[3-Pack] Short Micro USB Cable, FONKEN 4 inchs/10 cm Flat Noodle Cable Quick Charge USB 2.0 Charging and Data Sync Cables(White) Amazon.com

Well, If they wouldn’t fit , a utility knife would whittle them down and make them fit in short order

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Hello Chuy
Whittling with a utility knife is straight forward but requires dexterity and perhaps some kind of a holding method. If you have access to a bench grinder checkout ‘Making a micro USB fit into the back of WYZE V2 or Pan camera’. It has some pictures of how that can be accomplished. Only light pressure is needed to remove excess plug material. Probably the most important thing is exercising caution, no long shirt sleeves and making frequent comparisons with the WYZE plug. Good luck.

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Yes there is a lot of different tools that could be used to accomplish the task.
The bottom line is , use caution when playing with sharp knives and power tools :grinning: