USB cable

thinking about buying a few cameras but the supplied USB micro-B cable will be too short.

are the supplied cables (as well as the extension cable in the Wyze Cam v1/v2 Mounting Kit) standard USB cables or are they using all of the wires for power (as opposed to power and data)?

does anyone have an idea of what the wire gauge is for the supplied cables? an FAQ for the Pan says that “the extension cable included with the Wyze Cam v1/v2 mounting kit is not compatible with the Wyze Cam Pan” so is this implying that the Pan cable gauge is thicker?

i was thinking if the cables are just standard USB cables i was going to buy a 6 foot USB extension cable from Monoprice.

Monoprice USB Type-A to USB Type-A Female 2.0 Extension Cable - 28/24AWG, Gold Plated, Black, 1.5ft -

but then i got thinking that it might just be better to buy a 10 foot USB-A to Micro-B cable.

Monoprice USB Type-A to Micro Type-B 2.0 Cable - 5-Pin, 28/24AWG, Gold Plated, Black, 6ft -

obviously i can only do this if the supplied cables are just standard cables and do not have a proprietary interface.

so… can i buy this 10 foot USB-A / Micro-B cable and will it work in both the Cam and Pan?



Any standard micro USB cable will work as long as the wire gauge is sufficient. I’m using these cables from Monoprice:

They are a little heavier gauge than the one you posted. Also, the cross section of the end of the one you posted may not fit. Bad news is, though, that these are out of stock right now except pink, purple and green.

Others have had success with this one from Amazon:

And here’s one that’s 21AWG (better than the rest, lower number is better) and has a good looking end profile.


Electrically, they are standard USB-A to micro cables. However, the microUSB jack on the back of the V2 camera is recessed. I’ve found that the micro-plugs on some of my after-market cables are too big to fit into the recess on my V2’s. Judicious use of a Dremel tool or a sharp utility knife will solve the problem.

The cable supplied with the Pan-scan camera is too big to fit into the recess on the V2. Hence the disclaimer in the FAQ.


I never thought of that !

I got a 16ft for my outdoor “Hang it in the Eve’s”, project.

I still have time. Since I have to rewire an old, outdoor, security light fixture. Into an enclosed, outdoor powered, plug in socket.

Waiting for the verdict!

Sorry, I know this is bumping up an old thread. Wondering if this particular cable would work with wyze cam

Looking for a white 10 foot cable and have some ebay credits to use up. Any thoughts on if this particular cable will work with wyzecam?

that would indeed work.

here are some other options for you as well…multiple lengths that might suit your needs.

since i was the original poster of this thread i thought i would share what i ended up doing.

originally i was going to use a longer USB cable but realized that based on my lack of electrical outlets where i was going to place the Wyze Cam i ended up using another surge protector in a location that allowed me to use the original Wyze USB cable.

just another option which i had not really thought of — longer USB cable vs. extension cord. my cable/cord was not going to be visible so it did not really matter.

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