Specs for USB Cable

Hello, my USB cable broke. What are the specs for the USB cable so I can get a replacement?


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hello, please see support url for reference



replacement cables from monoprice are a good alternative, i use them in addition to oem cables.


And you shouldn’t need a ‘sync’ cable, as no data goes over the cable. Just power.

Thanks for your responses. I can get 1 day shipping on this one - is there any way to tell if it will work?

it would likely NOT fit, based on the shape of the blocky connector on the microUSB end.

an oval shaped connector would be a compatible fit.

USB 2.0 ‘A’-Male to Micro ‘B’ is correct, but he is concerned you won’t be able to plug the rectangular body into the oval-shaped hole on the back of the camera:

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I went with the one Monoprice - it works well. Thanks!

I was JUST going to ask… Is there a way we can purchase longer cables for the Wyze Cam v2 and the Wyze Cam Pan? A 6-foot cable doesn’t give enough options for camera placement as power outlets are not always within six feet of where the camera needs to be. Can we buy a longer Micro-USB to USB cable at Monoprice or Belkin without a compatibility issue?

Then I found this thread and you all answered my questions. THANKS!