USB Adapters

I have a Wyze Cam v2 camera and needed to extend the power cable due to the location relative to the power source. So, I bought one of Wyze’s 20’ extension cables. Arrrgh! It comes with standard USB 1.1 connectors, which obviously don’t mate with the mini-A USB connector and socket on the camera. Where can I find adapters to make this cable work?

??? That cable is supposed to work with V2, V3, V4 and others. I used one on a V3. I plugged the male end into the power adapter then plugged the original provided V3 Cable USB A end into the female end of the 20 foot ext.
Plug the USB A male end of your original V2 Power cable into the female end of the 20Ft. :grin:

It doesn’t. The camera has a mini-USB connector. The extender cable has regular USB connectors on both ends. Mini-USB to regular USB and adapters are required.

The power cable that came with the camera does not have one USB A end that plugs into the power adapter like this? Plug your existing cable into the camera then connect it to the extension.

Slide the cover over one cable before connecting.

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No, the camera has a micro-USB on it - not a mini-USB connector.

My bad, guys. I was focusing on the wrong end of the cable. Of course, the USB connector on the 110 VAC plug is the place to focus a cable extender. Thanks for the replies.


Hope you got all connected.